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This has to be one of my favorite animes! I love the plot and all the characters! Takano and Ritsu are my favorite couple! I just love how they knew each other when they were young and then ended up meeting again later in life. They were each others first love and continued to love each other after years apart! Takano and Ritsu 4ever!
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If you haven't already you should watch Junjou Romantica. Made by the same person and has the same setting just different characters. I love this and Junjou Romantica but my favorite yaoi is Love Stage
I like this couple and anime more than junjou romantica and its main couple
@JessicaFerrier i have watched it! i perfer sekai ichi hatsukoi over junjou romantica!
I love this anime, bit junjou romantica is an all time favorite
hybrid child is also by the same mangaka an anime was recently made for it pretty sure it was only a few episodes though