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히스토리 "Queen" MV IS OUT!!!!
히스토리 is back! The whole time I'm watching this I'm like OMG! This is so different from other boy groups. They killed this shiznit! Yijeong working out though mhmmm but my baby was looking fly in his suit. I can't wait for them to perform it live! Oh and Sihyoung's rap SLAYED! Like I need a damn wig on now ㅋㅋㅋ

Some highlights of this rudeness!

They are back as grown men! More like this is a new level to them as grown men!
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can we not *dying
2 years ago·Reply
My first thought upon watching the new MV was who are these people? xD They've changed sooo much
2 years ago·Reply
@CristalTrujillo they aren't called a chameleon boy group for nothing ㅋㅋㅋ
2 years ago·Reply
im hustnot with mister yijeong like please
2 years ago·Reply
I loved it. They were so sexy in tuxedos. 😍
2 years ago·Reply