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If you love Fairy Tail as much as we do then you should try being in our guild. It's full of people who are really nice and treat you like their nakama. We prefer to keeps things PG13 to not people upset so if that doesn't bother you we'll gladly accept you. The guilds name is "Fairy Dragons" and it is run in the universal app called "WeChat". Just comment below if you want to join or you can message me @itachiken or the guilds moderator @LucyOfFairyTail
In the guild I am Storm Fullbuster, you can choose which ever character you like or you can create your very own Fairy Tail charcter. Sometimes we like to role play so it would be a good idea to chose a character you find yourself to be similar to just for fun purposes.
Here's the app and what it looks like for example. We all are very excited to meet all of you so please don't hesitate to join the best guild family there is. Also this app holds a lot more than 50 people unlike kik.
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Yes馃槉 just message my wechat ID or LucyOfFairyTail ID @IzamarPalomo @KayyeAyyeeMCee
That's okay we'd still love to have you @KayyeAyyeeMCee
@itachiken I will definitely join thanks!
Sweet馃槉 no problem @KayyeAyyeeMCee