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Yep, pucker up Vinglers. You read that correctly.

According to the book The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us, it seems like kissing is a LOT more important than we often think it is.
For example, the book discusses a study from the 80s that found men who kiss their wives before work live, on average, five years longer than men who don’t.

Sounds a little hokey right?!

According to psychologists, it’s not the act of kissing that makes the man healthier and thus makes them live longer, its the fact that kissing is a natural mood booster! Regular smooches indicates positive attitude and a healthy relationship.
In fact, the time couple spends kissing is actually directly proportional to their relationship satisfaction.
If that doesn't make kissing important enough:

59% of men and 66% of women have ended a relationship because someone was a bad kisser.

Psychologist John Bohannon from Butler University found that most of us can remember close to 90% of the details of our first romantic kiss.
In his study of five hundred people, most remembered this experience more vividly than their first sexual encounter.

The more you and your significant other kiss, the healthier your relationship is and the happier you are!

Now I'm not saying that kissing will solve your relationship problems, but it can indicate when you might need to work something out. Not kissing as much as usual? Maybe you need to reflect on your relationship health.

Who believes this study!?

(read more here!)
.... does kissing your pets count?? 😭 #foreveralone x3
@101ZeldaQueen pet kisses extend your life a billion times more than human kisses! i have no scientific evidence but I certainly believe it ;)
Damn, that means I'm gonna die early. XD
@iamaweirdoo don't worry your still special, just not getting any extra reassurance from a random phone app
Yessss hahaha..but I'm having the same problem as @ZoilaObregon :(
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