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As we are all most likely aware of, Vixx released there first opening trailer for the new album not too long ago. After watching it I was in the mood for some old Vixx, and stumbled back upon this sweet song. While watching videos of this and things related to it, I actually cried even more than I already had.
Vixx did many events with this song back when it was released, most of which moved a lot of fans to tears. The event for the Utopia stage (which is in the video above) moved not only fans but the members as well. They all gave messages to each other and encouraged each other after the performance. There messages were really sweet and they all gave each other some really nice words.
As the last tear worthy video, up above is a message N wrote. It was originally for the starlight's, but N added his feelings to Hongbin in the letter and read them aloud. He expressed what Hongbin went through while practicing for the stages and making the albums. Hongbin get's a little emotional listening to it.
These were just a few small things, that really moved me. This entire search was inspired by the new trailer, so please check it out! It's on both Youtube and the V App! Let's show our boys starlight's undying support and hopefully move them just as much as Love Letter moved us! Vixx Fighting!!!
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