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I was running through some love quotes recently and spotted the famous quote by Marilyn Monroe talking about what she needs in a partner.
I'm not so sure I agree with this and wanted your opinions!

Here's the quote below:

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle.

But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”

I partially agree with this.

I think that yes, the one you love should whole-heartedly support you through the best of times and the worst of times, but should you be subjecting them to "your worst!?"
For example, what if one of your biggest pitfalls is that you're a horrifically jealous person? You know your partner is faithful but just because you have a tendency to be incredibly jealous, you subject them to your fits of yelling and crying and accusing them of things you know aren't true. Shouldn't you be working, out of respect to your partner, on improving those habits instead of just asking them to live with it?
So yes, they should love you always, but you should also be working to improve your worst parts, not just making your partner put up with it. You should be growing together to become the best partners and people you can be!

Am I looking into this too deeply? What do you guys think?

One of my favorite things is the response to the words "handle me..." In this quote. It was something among the lines of" What are you? A mindless animal that can't control themselves? Are you not an adult or functional human? Or are you an immature little kid who wants to throw fits for attention? Handle yourself. Grow up" That, I agree with. I think you've made a card where it's stated that you need to be a whole, active self-aware person yourself before you can be in a healthy relationship. And it's quite true. But I also agree with a lot of what the other commenters are saying. However, as far as your and my interpretations of it being too deep? Nah. Taking it at face value is not even thinking about it. However, breaking it down is not overthinking it at all. Too many people take any thinking done as too deep and taking something too seriously. I find that quite sad as well. Too much is shallow nowadays. But hey, that's just my opinion ^.^
I think you're over analyzing it a bit. its pretty much just a dismissal if fair weather lovers. always around when things are good, but vanish if your life gets a little rain
I agree that you should love your partner at any stage they happen to temporarily be in. But if they're ALWAYS in a terrible mood, where's the love? I can handle someone that is on the depressed and angry side. But if they're constantly mad at everyone, including me then there's no love
Absolutely, I second everything that @Arellano1052 states. That said, I define, "my worst" as me at my weakest and most vulnerable states (slipping from relatively healthy to back into heart failure). I've never expected anyone to, nor could I even ASK, for someone to not only witness it, but support me through the worst parts of myself and my illness - and all the ways in which I cope (or don't, given the moment). Because our worst(s) are unpredictable and sometimes everyday occurrences, we shouldn't expect anyone to prove their worthiness by successfully navigating the pitfalls of our faults (whatever they are). Being present for ALL of it, the bad and the good and the honor of being invited into something so personal, is the actual reward rather than it is a test... A genuine, caring relationship calls for someone to love you as you are...whole, broken, or otherwise a work in progress and for you to do the same. :)
You might be looking into it too deeply. I agree with the quote as long as it's in a general normal situation but if we look more deep into it, then only partly do I agree.
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