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VIXX Conception Trailer Screenshots

The imagery is so beautifully done. The earth tones, the jewel tones, and even the H.R. Giger feel to the dark tones. It doesn't feel like a funky and cute concept.

Maybe it's not the VIXX signature dark concept, but it definitely has that inception/dream state/matrix feel to it.

What are your predictions based on this trailer? See full video below⬇

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My thoughts were the 4 elements plus 2 more non physical elements. maybe life and death?
2 years ago·Reply
My predictions are that it's going to be amazing!
2 years ago·Reply
@JenGambale oh okay yay only one more week (depending on time of day they release it since thats probably kst and theyre a day (12-13hrs) ahead of me!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Can't wait!
2 years ago·Reply
I have no thoughts on the concept,cause every time I think I got it completely way off...they like to keep you guessing in all aspects which is why I love Vixx. the new looks are amazing Ken with the blonde OMG! N with the Purple sweet geezus! it's so subtle yet not...good luck VIXX
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