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We're back with another Date Idea Tuesday!

I will try to post one date idea each Tuesday so that, if you want to try this, you have time to get ready before Friday night.

Remember, these dates are perfect for your significant other, or just with friends!

What you'll need:

1. A morning movie.
2. Probably coffee.
3. A cute brunch place to go to afterwards!

Matinees, y'all! They're cheaper!

My boyfriend and I go to movies all the time, but my personal favorites are the mornings when I can actually drag him out of bed (it's not easy) and go to a movie before 10am.
The theatres are less crowded, the tickets are usually cheaper, and its a great reason to get out of bed in the morning.
After the movie we're usually pretty hungry so we head to any random brunch place we see around the neighborhood.

Then we discuss the movie, plan the rest of the day, and just enjoy each other's company!

My family has always been early-morning-movie goers and I love it!

Anyone else prefer morning movies to the night showings?!

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@sophiamor I would but unless I have to go to school I literally cannot wake up early lol my body just wants to rest. sometimes I would have a 9:30 class (usually end at 10:45) and not know what to do so I've tried looking for theaters and nope; it's really hard to find those that open before 12
@SeoInHan i see hahaha well in that case it might be a waste of money if you're going to fall asleep in the theatre hahahah (which my boyfriend has done...multiple times lol)
@sophiamor I went to watch Madagascar 2 and I passed out during the first 10 minutes. I almost always fall asleep during movies lol (at my house or in the theater)
great idea although im in the mood for a beach day
love this idea! and I'm a huge fan of brunch