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Well, according to Urban Dictionary, it is basically an incentive to reproduce. Although pretty funny, I'm sure most of us can agree that love is more than that. Love is different for everyone, but can share similar traits. I've only truly been in love once (with a little coming back recently) and at the time, it was hard to describe. Life seemed pretty good, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what about it specifically. Now that it's over, it's like a curtain was raised and I can see everything that was missing.

Always, always, ALWAYS ON MY MIND

Let me tell you, I barely remember anything from my senior year of high school, mostly because every part of my brain was busy thinking of her. My eyes would dart around the halls looking for her. If I heard her name, I would turn no matter where I was. Even when I would read I would see her name form from letters in the book, a side effect of love that author Lang Leav describes as "reverse dyslexia."

Dark Seemed Lighter and Light seemed Brighter!

"Damn, it's Monday again. But at least I get to see her! " "Did I do the homework? It's ok, I'll ask to copy hers." "God, today is such a horrible day. But at least I'm with her now. That's all that matters." Frankly, even when we fought, it was still better than not being with her at all.

My Motivation To Fight Was Buried in Her

Before her, I was lost. Well, not necessarily lost, just without a destination. I never thought much about anything and didn't want to do much. But as soon as she filled that emptiness in my heart, it was like a golden brick road suddenly appeared. I had a reason to keep going. She started my engine, and even though she's gone, it still pumps and pumps.


Those with a broken heart are so sure that the reason they hurt is because of love. That is not true! Love is an emotion, just like rage, anger, and jealousy. They are not the same. True, sometimes they come hand in hand, but that does not mean they are the same. Imagine that you are using a remote control that requires 2 batteries. One of them works perfectly but the other is dead. Would you blame both batteries for not working, or just the dead one? Love is the only emotion that can generate such happiness and satisfaction. Love is my favorite thing to look forward to in life, as well as some of yours'. Love is strong. It is everything good in the world. Love is the reason I keep going.
I love this card so much. Everything you listed here is so true!!! When people say that love is just brain chemistry, they're mostly right, but at the same time that chemistry is AMAZING. Even if it hurts we're so lucky that we get to experience it.
@Dynamo haha no I think what you shared is great! I just prompted me to think about it
@sophiamor I'm glad you loved it! @shannonl5 And you are very right, there are also other forms of love. I should have been more specific :p
I think love hits people in different ways. You feel love for your friends, it's not romantic or sexual but it's no less real or important. I think love is what makes life worth living