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The next day I had run into Jin I tried to ignore him but it didn't work. He tried to grab a hold of me and he saw part of a bruise. I tried to brush him off. But he wouldn't have it. "Stop you can't ignore me! Why did he do this to you." " He didn't I ran into something when I was going to the bathroom at night. I didn't turn any lights on." I had to lie of I let him know what Brad did....wouldn't he want to kill him? "(Y/n) you're lying.... Please" "Jin I have to go." But before I could do anything he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a bathroom. He pulled at my shirt. He was unbuttoning my cover shirt. "Jin stop" I said even though I was feeling butterflies in my stomach. I really didn't know why. I knew he wasn't going to do anything weird but still my mind was racing. "I'm making sure there's No other marks." He took it off and saw my arms he lifted my tank top and saw the big bruise on my stomach. He then kissed it and put it down and hugged me. I broke down and cried. I cried while he held on to me and kissed my head whispering that it would be ok. He wasn't letting me go home so he text Brad as me saying I wasn't going to be home I was staying at my friend Ari's. Then he called her and had her lie for me. Jin wanted me to stay with him tonight and I needed to. I wanted to stay by my best friends side to feel safe. Even though I know what will come of me if Brad finds out. Not being with Jin at this moment woukd be the bad choice. At least that's what I thought. That night..Jin held me. I felt safe and I wasn't worried about anything. I just let my emotions go and told him everything. I told him how Brad didn't want me to be friends with him. I thought he was jealous because of how close I am with Jin. I realized that night that if I had to be forced to stop being friends with Jin I would be miserable the rest of my life. I was going to stay friends with Jin but hide it. I had cried for a while after we stopped talking. I finally sniffed and wiped my tears away. "Just leave him." Jin finally said "But I love him." "You deserve better. I would never hit you. I would never make you end friendships." "Jin...." I said as I looked in his eyes. I saw it there. That look. He truly cared for me. Maybe it was love. Then the butterflies appeared again. Thinking that Jin might love me made me go crazy. Crazy was right. If that was love that I saw then that isn't what I see in Brad's eyes. "(Y/n)" I don't know why but his voice....made me question everything....did I have more feelings for him? Did I love him? Was this what love felt like? "Jin....I...I....I love...... him... I will stay with him until I don't love him." "I understand. But you aren't allowed to stop being my friend. Its just simply not allowed." "Ok " I borrowed some of Jins clothes for the night and I got into his bed. After awhile he came into his room. "Alright I am heading to bed I'll see you in the morning." "Can you sleep with me tonight?" I didn't want to be alone. Even if he was just down the hall. "Alright princess." He said and crawled into bed with me. I snuggled up to him. "You're the princess not me." "I'm a princess only when your not. So now you'll always be the princess between us two...ok" "Whatever you say Jin." I smiled and fell asleep with Jin holding me. It felt nice this was something I hadn't had in a long time.


"Hey you little bitch get back here!" I was trying to get away but every time I thought he couldn't get me he'd grab a hold of me and throw me against a wall. "Your just a lying whore aren't you! I bet you've already fucked him!" "No I love you." "Bullshit!" He grabbed my hair and pulled me towards him. "Youve already lied so many times and I've caught you." He kicked my legs making me drop to the floor. Then he punched me in the face. And then finally let go of my hair by shoving me to the ground. "Please stop it.!" "Oh are you going to be a good little bitch then?" I just whimpered. There was so much pain running through my entire body. Then I blacked out.

*End of Dream*

I shot up. My face was wet. I had cried. I turned to look at Jin and he wasn't there. I got up and went to look for him. I got close to the living room and heard him talking. "Seriously what do I do? I don't want her in a bad situation....." Who was he talking to about me? "I know I will stay by her side but....its just not right.... Mom should I just be honest with her....yea...but it might be better.... I guess it wouldn't be a good idea." I backed up and then called his name. He came quickly to me. I ignored what I heard and just clung to him. "What's wrong?" "I woke up and you weren't there." "That's all?" "I had a bad dream." "Oh princess...I'm sorry I wasn't there when you woke up." He kissed my head and directed me back to bed. This time he fell asleep before me. I was staring at his face and was amazed. When did he become so handsome? Before I could think I kissed his lips. After I did it i realized what I did and slapped myself. He's your best friend you can't do that!. I turned away and fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning Jin's arm was around me. His breath was hitting my neck and making me feel things I shouldn't.
God this man! with messy hair so freaking deadly lol. So I know this is a short chapter but I don't want to progress to fast...I gotta slowly build up right?
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*Throws tables at Brad*😜 Jin cares about her so much, man he even talked to his mom about her! That really tells you something!
why am I crying? Sarah please update my yak sister :'(
AHHHHH I loved it so much! ❤
@SarahVanDorn YAY~!!! Thank you^^
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