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After the photoshoot I almost forgot that I made a deal with Jhope. As I was following suga, Jhope grabbed my hand and stopped me. "Aren't you forgetting something?" "Oh yea. Sorry." I laughed a little "Let's go" He didn't let go of my hand. "Wait where are you going?" Suga grabbed my other hand stopping me from going to far. "I made a deal with him so I have to go with him." "We aren't done yet." "Yoongi you just need to go to the studio. We won't be gone long." Jhope said grabbing Suga's hand and pulling it off of me. "Fine." He said and turned around and walked off. "Why is he so mad?" I asked turning to face J-hope. "That's just how he is. Now let's go." He started running making me follow him.


I don't like this one bit. It's been several hours...ok loke 2 hours but that isn't a little bit. This was driving me insane. I couldn't work on my music because I was wondering what they were doing. Is it a date? Why did she make a deal with him in the first place? Does she like Hoseok? I'm her bias doesn't that mean she would want to date me? Maybe I'm just a bias and Hoseok is her type.... what the hell is going on with me! This girl is making me confused. I stood up and walked over to the couch and punch the pillow that was there. I needed to get some of my frustration out now. "Haha. Oh my gosh I can't believe that happened." I'm sure that was (y/n) I walked towards the door to hear better. "Yea it was hilarious." Hoseok said "Well thanks for dropping me off. I'll see you at home." "Yea have fun." He said and it got quiet. Where they kissing? Before I knew it I threw open the door. Oh thank god they were just hugging. "Oh, hey guys...did I interrupt something?" Nice one Yoongi "No we were just saying bye" (y/n) said smiling at me. "What are you doing?" Hoseok asked "I was going to get water I'm thirsty." I'm so smooth. "Oh I'll go get you some" "No (y/n) you don't have to." I tired to stop her. "It's kind of my job." She said and took off. Dammit. "You know she's a really nice girl." I turned to Hoseok. "I know that...I know her better than you." I snapped "Hmm I don't know." "Hoseok don't push me." "Oh Yoongi you don't even like her. She's just a girl who if you didn't have her officially become your assistant would have started alot of trouble." That was the reason they wanted her not the reason I wanted her around. "You don't know how I'm feeling so shut your mouth." "Ok....for now I will." He said and walked off. I walked back into the room and slammed my hands on the counter. Why the hell was he pushing my buttons. I sat down in the chair and put my head in my hands. Why was I acting this way?


The place he wanted to go was an arcade. He just didn't want to go with the guys. It was cute. We had a real nice time. After we were done he took me to the studio since he knew Suga would be there. "So Yoongi doesn't like to be woken up but this one time, Jungkook and I were messing with him and he just let us do it. I had this air canister and Jungkook was filming it. Once I was done Jimin came over and used the blow dryer and messed up his hair. He just let us do it." "He didn't do anything?" "Well not on camera. But he got us back, one by one. Jungkook didn't get much since he didn't actually do anything to him besides film." "What did he do to you?" "Oh man he said it was my turn to record something so I was ready and I went in the booth and put the head phones on and waited. I looked at him and he had this smirk on his face then boom! Someone was screaming in my ears loud." "Haha. Oh my gosh I can't believe that happened." I said laughing "Yea it was hilarious." J-hope said sarcastically "Well thanks for dropping me off. I'll see you at home." "Yea have fun." He said and he hugged me. I hugged back because it was nice spending time with him. The door to the studio flew open scarring me half to death. "Oh, hey guys...did I interrupt something?" Suga said. He looked like he wasn't happy. "No we were just saying bye" I said smiling at him trying to show I wasn't scared. "What are you doing?" Hoseok asked "I was going to get water I'm thirsty." He said. I came back at the right time. "Oh I'll go get you some" "No (y/n) you don't have to." He said "It's kind of my job." I turned on my heels and took off to go get him some what. It took me a bit but I got him some. As I was on my way back Jhope stopped me. "Hey (y/n) I just wanted to let you know that Yoongi is feeling stressed right now." "He is?" "Yea he has been working on alot of things and I think he won't talk to anyone about it because he just doesn't want to be a burden." "What can I do to help him?" I didn't like the idea that he was stressed and wouldn't talk about it. "You being around him....maybe he'll talk to you...I'm kind of hoping he will open up to you." "Ok. Thanks for telling me." "No problem I'll see you guys at home." He said and took off. I quickly went back to the room. I quietly entered the room and saw him sitting in the chair with his head in his hands. I felt like my heart was breaking. I walked up behind him and put my hands around him. I hugged him the best I could with the chair between us. he lifted his head and put his hands on top of mine. "(Y/n) what are you doing?" "I'm hugging you...the best I can right now." "Why?" "I...I'm worried about you." He pulled my hands off of him and spun the chair around to face me. "Why are you worried.....are you crying?" "No I'm not." I touched my face and realized I was crying. " Ok maybe I am." He jumped up and started wiping my tears away. "Please don't cry." "I don't even know why I'm crying." "Did I upset you?" "Yes and no" "What did I do?" He was holding my face in his hands. I was looking into his eyes when I slowly moved his hands from my face and moved myself closer to him. I broke the eye contact to hug him. He hugged back. "You didn't really do's just about you...please talk to me if you're stressed or upset." He hugged me tighter. "Ok I promise I'll talk to you. " Why was I getting so emotional. I mean I get the idol side Suga is perfect but the idea of Yoongi working so hard for the fans and the group and being a normal person who isn't perfect breaks my heart. We stayed like that until I stopped crying. Which wasn't long but when we finally did pull apart he let me sit next to him while he was working and he even taught me a bit about what he was doing. We were both smiling the entire time.
Yoongi with the silver hair is killer.... soooo what do you think???
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so sweet I live this story so much
wow! glad it's out. I love love love it! you're an awesome writer.
awe Suga is so adorable lol
So cuteeee 🙈🙈🙈
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