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Two weeks of April has gone by so quickly I forgot it's Coachella this week. Due to work I won't be going but I've been looking out for beautiful and unique hairstyles for the popular festival that I could save for other outdoor events.
Today, I will be listing a few hairstyling coordination you could try with double dutch braid.

How to Dutch Braid!

Before you start diving into the hair coordination you need to master dutch braiding. Thankfully, it's not that hard. It's all about controlling the rhythm with your fingers. Take a look at the video above for detail instructions.

1. Double Dutch braid mid ponytail.

2. Double Dutch low ponytail.

3. Double Dutch with side bun.

4. Double Dutch headband.

5. Double Dutch updo for short hair.

6. Double Dutch low alien buns.

7. Double Dutch faux mohawk ponytail.

loving these!!! I think the ponytail might be worth trying
@hikaymm For sure! @VeronicaArtino Aww, that's what I did when I had short hair! =)
I've done a lot of these before. awe makes me want my longer hair back but I think about the blackouts and I'm like nah I'll keep my short hair and braid my friends hair
I love these braids they make me miss my long hair!!
love them