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Jungkook Imagine- It's Complicated pt2

Thanks for the support from the first part I'll try to start tagging people when I learn how to as I'm still quite new at this. Anyway, hope you enjoy...
Finally, you reached your dorm, after a long and awkward walk back with Jungkook. You stopped centimetres before the door and rustled in your pockets for your keys. "Is everything alright?" Jungkook asked, seeing the frustration on your face. It was at that moment you realised that you left your keys with Tammy as she had forgotten hers. "Great!" You muttered to yourself. You turned to face Jungkook and said to him, "Tammy's got my keys and she's probably fast asleep!" You peered down at your watch, you were right, it was 10pm. No one was likely to be up at this time as you always had to wake up early. "I-I could always see if there's a spare bed at o-our dorm" he suggested. This halted all of your previous thoughts on trying to break down the door. "No, I mean that's just... I can always get a hotel" You didn't really want to give him the responsibility yet you knew that there weren't many hotels around at this time of night that would gladly accept you. "It's fine, I think there's a spare room opposite mine!" This time he sounded more confident. You nodded and so you two began to walk down the same path towards the BTS dorm.
It was 10:20 by the time you got there and the only other person you found who was awake was V. Jungkook opened the spare room door and ushered you in. There was a double bed in the far left hand corner and a wardrobe in the right hand corner but apart from that, the room was empty. You sat on the bed and immediately noticed how bouncy it was. This would definitely mean you had a good night sleep. Parallel to the bed, there was a windowsill that had a picture frame in it. You walked over to inspect the picture and saw that it was an old photo of Jungkook with his family. "This is beautiful!" You said, showing the picture to him, "why do you keep it here?" "This used to be my room." He stated, moving further into the room, "I sometimes still come in here when I want to be alone" This seemed to change your perspective of him. You thought he was some kind but loud lad that always hung around his band mates. Obviously, he had a whole other personality that you didn't know of. "Anyway, you better get some rest!" He declared before slowly leaving the room. Laying down on the bed, you began to gradually drift off to sleep.
JUNGKOOK's POV: There she was, off to sleep, such an angel. He walked across the hall to get to his room to find Tae standing in his doorway. "What?" He asked. "You let her sleep in your old room, how romantic!" Tae teased, he knew how easy it could be to wind Jungkook up. "It's just a favour!" He snapped back, pushing past his friend, "you would've done the same!" Tae sniggered, deciding to leave Jungkook alone to sleep. Except, he couldn't. He kept thinking about you sleeping in the other room, so much so it was driving him insane. He kept worrying that you weren't sleeping or that you were still stressed out from the rehearsals. After about an hour of tossing and turning, he eventually got up to check how you were.
To his surprise, you were curled up fast asleep. Yet, he decided to stay with you. He dragged a bean bag from his room and made sure that you were still ok. After about 15 minutes of constant watching, he began to fall asleep himself. That was until you began to have a nightmare. You were tossing your covers everywhere and he was quick to notice you. He sprung up from the bean bag and went over to reassure you. He patted you on the shoulder and repeated, "It's alright, it's just a dream" meaning eventually you settled down. He waited until he was positively sure you were sleeping well then fell asleep in the bean bag.
YOUR POV: You woke up thinking that you'd just had a 5 minute nap to find out that the time was 6:30am. Gosh, time went quick. You sat up and noticed a shadow out of the corner of your eyes... Jungkook?? What was he doing there?? He was leaning backwards fast asleep with his head occasionally rolling around in a different direction. 'Has he been there all night?' You thought. It wasn't quite clear to you what had happened but you couldn't just leave him there. You didn't want to wake him up so, you chose to drag the bean bag back into his room and put him in a more comfortable position. The bean bag was quite heavy but you seemed to manage it. You heaved him back into his room while his head droopily rested against your leg. Once in his room, you stopped and attempted to lift him up. No success. You spied his pillow and wedged it between his head and the closest wall to him. There, nice and secure. You then grabbed his duvet and placed it over him meaning that he was in more comfort. You were about to leave when you heard him say something, "S-squi-sh" You think he said 'squish' but you weren't sure his voice seemed to trail quite frequently.
You left the room and found a tired Jimin approaching you. His quiff was ruffled and half of it covered his eyes. "Y/N?" He asked, "What are you doing here at 6 in the morning?" "Kookie let me stay the night" you replied. That was the first time you called him by his nickname rather than his full name. You weren't sure why you did, but it felt natural. "What in his bed?" He yawned. "No, no no no no!" You protested. "Fair enough, were you just going?" "Yeah, I've got a big practise with..." "Not even gonna wait until he wakes up to say goodbye to him" What? You stopped in your tracks. Did you need to say goodbye to him? I mean, you could always thank him when you next saw him, but was a goodbye necessary? "No, I'll see him later anyway!" You stated before leaving the dorm to return to the girls.
That's it for part 2, hope you enjoyed. The parts may not be this frequently added in the future but I'll try my best!!!
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Your story is so cute! X ) I can't wait to see how the story develops.
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