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This webcomic is super relevant because it reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend this weekend about how eggs are the perfect poor college student food. Okay, SHE said that. To me, I think the best poor college student food is potatoes. I mean, a dozen eggs have nothing on a dozen potatoes, you know?

Anyway, what do you guys think? Eggs? Potatoes? Ramen?

What's the ultimate staple food for college students?

Well... I'm allergic to egg whites (sadly)... So if I become a poor college student... I'd go for potatoes 😂😂 I'd rather not die
Eggs. The Nutritional value per weight/volume is beyond practically everything else. The Tyrosine content makes it perfect for studying... I'm thinking about making a video about the awesomeness of eggs (from a student's perspective).
Ramen is good too...
all 3 are good staple foods for college students... because they just are... but to pick just one I go with the ramen as it is the cheapest.
eggs and bacon(or sausage), meat and potatoes...the possibilities are endless ;)
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