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I love floral patterns maybe a little too much (as seen on this card). I found a beautiful sunflower bouquet and wanted to use it for my festive style moodboard. I think this would be my last flower-related card this week so bear with me!
Okay, let's talk about sunflowers. Just looking at the pattern alone makes you feel happy. It's one of my favorite flower of choice for spring and summer because it brightens up my room and mood. Every year this season we see the sunflower pattern coming back to life on the fashion retail shelf. We could say this is an influence of the 90s fashion.
The pattern is vibrant, so it matches with all neutral basics (white, black and beige). I love pairing it with black because it's more edgy and dark color comes out better in photos especially under the sun. White color is beautiful too. You just have to be cautious with the light bouncing off from the sun. Below are my picks: