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Welcome to the Funny Community's Free-For-All!

Every Saturday morning, I'll switch things up with a fun discussion question to get everyone talking and meeting one another. Join in by answering the question - or feel free to talk about something else! Do what you want! It's the weekend!
Today's question is:

What's the worst, weirdest, or most awkward flight experience you've ever had?

Did you lose your luggage or have to sit next to a crying baby? How about seven crying babies? Did you have to land in an emergency? Or did your in-flight food give you food poisoning?
Share your story with the rest of the community!
My response:
You guys. I was on a flight from New York to Detroit, which is fortunately not that long, but the teenage-aged kid sitting next to me fell asleep with his head on my shoulder, kept leaning into my arm, and wouldn't stop snoring. I really didn't know what to do except take a sneaky picture of the moment so I could message it to my friends later.
I kept trying to clear my throat or move a little bit, but he'd sleep like a log, and I was really too nice to wake him up, so I spent the entire flight with this kid on me.

Now it's your turn! Ready, set, go!

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the worst flight experience was discovering I can't fly by jumping off my roof
I will never fly again after what happened to me in 2005! I am a feral cat taming and care expert and was flown to Dallas, Tx to rescue 2 feral cats and fly them back to my home in Michigan. The trip itself was awesome. I did a few days training with a holistic veterinarian who neutered the cats and cleared them for flight and was treated very well by my hostess who showed me the sites of Dallas. Then it was time to go home. The whole day was a disaster. Had to take both FERAL (very wild) cats out of the kennel for a bomb check which stressed me out for fear they may escape so they put us in a small room just in case. Once that was done, they we're wheeled away to be loaded in cargo and I checked my bags, went through security, and made it to my terminal. Just as we were about to board the loaded plane, we we're instructed that we had to change planes and move to another terminal. I was frantic checking with the stewardesses to ensure the cats were safely moved to the new plane. Once I had positive proof they we're on the plane, I relaxed and enjoyed the flight to Atlanta where I would be changing planes. I arrived at the Atlanta terminal and watched out the window as the cats arrived to the new plane and sat on the flight line next to the plane we we're to board. We waited for 2 hours because there was a problem with the plane but were finally allowed to board. I watched as the cats we're loaded into cargo but suddenly, we were delayed 3 more hours, sitting on the plane! They had filled it with too much fuel and had to take some out before we we're cleared for take off. We finally left Atlanta at the time we were supposed to arrive in Michigan! Now for the scariest part of the entire flight!!!!! We were finally descending into Battle Creek, MI when something went horribly wrong with the plane. The winds we're horrible and the plane LITERALLY began to shake apart. It was like the scene straight from The Day After. Oxygen masks dropped, alarms sounded, luggage compartments flew open sending luggage flying through the air hitting us violently! Drink carts came loose from their stations and became deadly flying objects. We looked out the windows and could see cars pulling over and people getting out looking at our plane and appearing to take video of a horrifying scene! We were told to prepare for an emergency crash landing. We were thrown and tossed about like rag dolls. seats we're coming unbolted and we truly thought we we're going to die. I looked out the window to see the landing strip lined with fire trucks and ambulences. people were hurt and everyone was terrified we would die. All I could think about were the 2 cats in cargo!!! We braced for a very rough landing as the plane slammed into the ground and skidded to a halt. We were quickly evacuated from the plane and those who could walk were instructed to go inside to the lobby where paramedics were waiting to check us out while the badly injured were loaded into ambulences and rushed to the hospital! I RAN all the way into the building, down the long hallway to the waiting area and right into the arms of my husband! He had no idea the plane he watched crash was the plane carrying his wife until he seen me! I was checked out and I told them I had to check on the cats and promised to go to the hospital after we left because I had some nasty gashes and a head injury that required medical attention.....they bandaged me up while my husband got the cats. When we got the to the vehicle and the doors we ere closed, I opened the kennel to find 1 of the unconscious under the blanket. I immediately began emergency care on her while my husband drove. I wanted to g see t the cats home first (an hour and a half drive away) then I would go to the hospital. I got both cats stabilized, cooled down, conscious, and doing fabulous despite the horror we gone through and took them home then went to the hospital to get myself fixed up. I still have nightmares..........
I was heading back to Miami, Florida and on the flight I was sitting next to a priest with horrible B.O. Luckily the flight was only 2hrs and a half
the steward accidentally poured a whole can of ginger ale on to my lap on a winter flight to Minneapolis. Since there were no empty seats on the plane, all I could.do was sit on a blanket in my wet clothes for the next 2 hrs it was so cold in Minnesota that my pants froze walking from the plane to the terminal.
I flew six and a half hours only to have a volcano erupt, covering the runway with ash so we had to turn around and go six hours back home. Cancelled the whole trip too. Terrible things.
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