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With the (Link here->) Wattpad version I have a YouTube video to listen while reading each chapter so here you go!!!
Clickity click clack Clickity click clack Choi Min-ah's fingers flew across her keyboard as the story she was working on flowed out of her through her finger tips. She was a famous online writer known only by her pseudonym "Soul of Seoul". Her website "Skyline" was handled by one of the most successful businesses in South Korea and had almost 2 million fans. She made money through her writing as members had to pay a membership fee to read what she wrote. The company; SY Enterprise, gave her a 15% share of the monthly income. With a outward breath she moved her hand to her mouse moving the pointer to hover above the publish button and clicked it and sat back with a satisfied smile. When she woke in the morning she would check her comments. She hoped her fans would like the update. Min-ah glanced at her SHINee alarm clock and sighed. It was 1:23am and she had to be up in four and a half hours to help her dad prepare the shop. He did not know of her night life since she was saving up to buy a nice house for her father, brother and herself. Her parents had started a restaurant when her brother was a newborn. Her mother had been disinheirited by her grandfather because she had married beneath her so with very little money they had bought a run down 2 star restaurant and now 26 years later had achieved a 5 star rating. Her mother had died 17 years ago so she had taken over her mother's jobs of management at only 7 years old. She was the hiring manager which included the firing as well, managed the books and all that entailed and was the head waitress. While they had a nice 5 star establishment, everything had gone into making it a clean, state of the art restaurant so they lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment. It was not rundown or anything, their landlord was a kind old gentleman who fixed things and kept the apartment complex nice yet simple. Still she wanted to live in a house. There was a house in town she had her eyes on. One that was near the restaurant and she was so close to achieving the amount wanted for it. Checking her email before going to bed, she clicked open an email from YG Entertainment announcing a drawing for exclusive BigBang Fan Meet tickets. It was only ₩12,000 ($10) to enter. She figured that while she wouldn't win it couldn't hurt to try. Buying it, and submitting her information and shutting down her laptop she smiled dreamily as she thought of getting to meet TOP. His intense eyes made her legs weak as she made her way to her bed. "Yea right, like I will win. Oh Well." She muttered as she turned her bed side lamp off and shut her eyes. "RISE AND SHINE MIN-AH!!!" A voice boomed into her head. She groaned as that voice then said, "Come on wake up. Seriously. It's 8 am." Min-ah flew up out her bed. "8 AM? Why didn't you wake me sooner? I need to get to the restaurant and prep the..." Min-ah started then paused as a realization set in. She glanced quickly at her SHINee alarm clock and saw the 6:10 gleaming back at her. She glared at her human alarm clock who sat grinning at the foot of her bed. "YAH! Choi Min-yuk! You wouldn't be here if it was 8 am." She exclaimed as she got out of bed and pulled her mischievous oppa off her bed shoving him out of her room. "Love you too sis. I will be in the kitchen waiting to drive you to work. I hope we have an equally busy day like you had a busy night." Min-yuk said through the door as Min-ah quickly changed and pulled her hair up into a tight bun. Upon the last comment Min-ah gasped and threw open her door shhhing her oppa and putting her hand over his mouth as she looked around the living room. "It a secret oppa, Daddy might hear." Min-yuk pulled his sister's hands off his mouth as he chuckled. "Our old man left already. He went with Jae-won to the fishers market. Take it easy sis. Also I have my earnings for last month. Here." He handed her an envelope. She took the envelope and looked inside. She gasped. There was ₩50,000,000 ($43,585) in it. She looked up at her brother. "How many gigs did you get?" Min-yuk smiled, "Well I kinda got signed into a company. BigHit Entertainment had formed a group called Romantix but were still looking for one last member. We debut next month and when they found out about our apartment Bang PDnim insisted that I give you this. Romantix will be living in a BigHit dorm so it will only be you and our old man but I still get a room." Min-ah's jaw dropped. She squealed and jump hugged her brother. "I am so happy for you! Omo... Does this mean you are going to be in a pop group? You didn't really have a genre since you sang what was requested by the people that hired you." Min-yuk laughed, "Yea I will be part of a 7 member group. We will have dance routines and all that jazz. I might even get a stage name. I will introduce you to the other guys this Friday." Min-ah just squeezed her brother tighter as tears of joy sprang from her eyes. "Awe come on sis. Shirt shirt! Wipe your eyes and let's get you to work." Min-yuk said roughly though his face softened when Min-ah looked at him with her 100 watt smile. She wiped her tears and bounded out the door. Min-yuk was glad his sister wasn't one of those girls who caked on makeup or his shirt would have been SOL... He followed his sister out the door.
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