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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Yoongi
Length: 4557 words
Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression
Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.
Part: 1/?
Y/n’s POV
I was so excited to get to the boys place. I even wore the dress Yoongi liked- I wanted the surprise to be perfect in every way. I glanced down at my phone to text Taehyung, my best friend, to make sure everyone remembered we were going to surprise him today.
I frowned down at the device-it was dead. Oh well, I’m sure they all remember. Yoongi’s birthday wasn’t until next week, but all of us had exams for a month straight, so we had decided to arrange a surprise a little early.
The tickets for the amusement park had arrived in the post yesterday, but I waited until today to go, seeing as I normally met up with them on a Saturday anyway.
Me and Tae had ordered the tickets, mainly because we both love amusement parks, but because it would be a great day out. We hadn’t had a fun day out in like forever.
It was Taehyung who had introduced me to Yoongi, and the rest of the boys. Yoongi got really close to me and Suzy, who was my room-mate, really quickly. But Suzy never really went to meet up with the boys, and would only really talk to them if they came over.
She loved going to the local club with them though. Apparently Jimin was a right party animal. And a real player.
Once ready, I put my phone on charge for when I came back, not bothering to check it. No one ever messaged me anyway. Unless it was Jungkook asking me if I was down for another study session. Or if Tae wanted to eat out but the boys couldn’t be bothered.
I double checked the number of tickets- Eight- and placed them in a small side bag, grinning to myself. This was going to be great. Maybe Jin could bake a cake!
The walk to their place was barely five minutes, and I normally didn’t mind it, but the clouds were looking dull and grey. I shivered as I stepped out, thinking I should have bothered with a coat.
I rushed there, wanting to get inside as soon as possible. Once there, I used my key to get in. Taehyung had given me one because I’d always have to wait for years to someone to come to the door. At first, walking into them shirtless was awkward, but now they were extremely comfortable around me.
Well, not Jungkook, that boy wouldn’t be caught dead shirtless, but the rest of them were.
“Helloooo~” I sang as I stepped in, stepping out of my shoes. I frowned at the pair of heels next to all the boys’ trainers- they looked vaguely familiar.
I checked their clock- it was almost 6 pm. So they’re probably not doing much.
“Y-y/n?” Namjoon turned around, shock plastered all over his face. All the boys, except Jin and Yoongi, were sat around on the four sofa’s, facing the coffee table in the middle of the room.
Jungkook and Taehyung were writing notes by the looks of things, Namjoon had been reading. Hoseok had headphones in, but took them off when he saw me, and Jimin had been on his phone, probably on twitter.
“What are you doing here?” Namjoon asked me, still shocked. I honestly thought he was joking.
Taehyung stood up slowly, and Jin walked in from the kitchen, only to stop dead and go pale when he saw me. “Yah what’s gotten into you lot today? We planned this last week!” Then I whispered, in case Yoongi was about. “The tickets are here.”
All the boys suddenly turned to Taehyung, who quietly said “Y/n-ah, didn’t you check your phone? I said we couldn’t meet up today.”
“Oh”. They don’t LOOK busy.
“No Tae, I’m sorry, my phone was dead.” He just sighed. “I’m sorry guys”, I sheepishly apologised. Something was off- they were normally so friendly and inviting even if they had an argument amongst each other.
Yoongi still hadn’t turned up. Maybe he’s out?
“Hey, it’s fine. Don’t apologise”, Hoseok spoke gently, smiling at me. There was a certain hint of…symapthy in that smile. Regardless, I smiled back. “Thanks Hobi. But before I go, cus I’ll forget later-”, I said fishing the tickets out of my bag. “-Here are your guys tickets. If Yoongi gets here and you lot still want to surprise hi-”
I was cut off by a loud crash from upstairs, making me jump. “What the hell was tha-” Then I was cut off again by a sound that made my blood freeze.
“Oh! Oh my…Fuck! Yes! Just like that Suzy! Shit that feels so good!”
Everyone in the room looked down. Jungkook had even shut his eyes tight, as if he was trying to disappear.
Yoongi, MY Yoongi, was having sex with my room-mate. Except he clearly wasn’t mine. Now I know where I had recognised those heels.
My breaths became laboured and I started shaking. I hadn’t realised I had dropped all the tickets. They were now scattered all around me.
“Y/n-ah”, Taehyung said coaxingly, slowly walking towards me. I stepped back. “You all knew didn’t you?” I whispered accusingly.
“You all knew and you didn’t tell me.”
Namjoon stood up too, clearly not wanting those two upstairs to hear. “Y/n, he kept telling us he’d stop.”
Wait..KEPT telling them?!
I took another step back. This wasn’t how today was supposed to go. “How long?”, I whispered, barely audible. Jin, Jimin and Hoseok where looking at me sympathetically. I don’t need their sympathy.
“A month”, Jimin muttered. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. “You guys have been laughing at me behind my back for a month?” I couldn’t stop the tears at this point.
“No!”, Taehyung gasped. “It’s not like th-”
I held my hand up to stop him. “Save it.” I whirled around and walked to the shoe-rack, grabbing my shoes.
“It’s started to rain, at least let me drop you off”, Taehyung spoke, quietly. I could detect hurt in his voice, but I didn’t care.
“I don’t need your help”, I muttered. “Tell Yoongi never to contact me again please. And to give one of you my spare key to give back to me. As for you lot…bye.”
“Y/n. Please don’t be like this. We can’t choose between you and Yoongi!” Jin spoke, his voice cracking at the end of the sentence.
I would feel bad about ignoring him later, but right now I wanted out. I put a hand on the door, handle, now fully sobbing. I barced myself for the cold and rain by taking a deep shuddery breath, and then I was off.
“Y/n-ah!” Taehyung called out. I heard Namjoon stop him just before I shut the door. Well…slammed the door. “Let her go Taehyung, we all did her wrong. Give her time.”
I crossed the road without even looking, and almost got knocked over by a very angry driver. But I didn’t care. The rain mixed in with my tears, making everything around me a blurry, hazed mess.
I was broken. Yoongi had been the first man I had ever let into my life, the first man I had ever been with. We had been together a year now, and I really thought he loved me back.
I got straight back into my apartment and threw myself on my bed. Suzy was barely ever home anyway, so I wasn’t worried about her walking in on me. Plus I doubt she CAN walk after whatever the hell they were doing up there, I thought bitterly.
Yoongi and I had slept together once, and that only happened because we were both drunk. I kept telling him I wasn’t ready…so maybe he thought I was frigid?
That got me angry. There’s more to relationships than just sex! I thought he knew that.
My phone kept buzzing with calls and texts, so I took it off charge and turned it off. I didn’t want to speak to any of the boys. True friends wouldn’t hide something like that from you. I don’t give a shit if they were trying to protect Yoongi. He was in the wrong and they knew it!
I don’t know what hurt more- the fact that Yoongi did what he did, or the fact that my ‘best friend’ Taehyung hadn’t told me. When I saw his ex-girlfriend flirt with Jimin, me and Jimin had texted him there and then, because he had a right to know. But, I guess he thought the same rights didn’t apply to me.
I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing knew it dark outside. I sighed as I sat up on the bed, still wearing that stupid, now-crumpled up dress.I turned my phone on, only because my clock was broken, and I had no idea of the time.
All I could think about was Yoongi’s voice coming from his room. The pleasure he was feeling from another girl.
I sighed again, when the device turned on, the bright screen making me squint. I had hundreds of missed calls and texts combined, from all of them. I scrolled through all their apologies and pleas to come back and talk to them.
I frowned when I saw Yoongi’s message. “Hey babe, wanna go out for dinner?xxx”. That had been sent at 7. My eyes narrowed as I realised the boys hadn’t told him yet. That I knew his dirty little secret.
I decided to ignore all of their messages, except Tae. I knew him, and if I didn’t reply soon, he would show up- and it’s harder to ignore someone who’s physically there in person, than ignoring them by text.
He didn’t reply to that. But I didn’t think I would find him at my door 10 minutes later, incessantly knocking for me to let him in.
All my lights were off as I sat in the dark. Maybe he’ll think I’m not in here and go away. But no such luck.
“Y/n”, his deep voice resonated with warning through the door. “I know you’re in there. Don’t make me use the spare key.”
Fuck’s sake. The damn spare key. I got up slowly, turning the light on. I passed by a mirror on the way to the door, and had to do a double take. I must have been crying in my sleep too, judging by the trail of dried tears streaked on red and puffy face.
I unlocked the door and slowly opened it, not allowing Taehyung access. “What do you want?” My voice came out as a whisper, probably because I hadn’t spoken in hours. Just cried.
“Y/n-ah”, he spoke gently, even though I could tell he was out of breath. “I want to talk, pabo.” He used ‘pabo’ as a term of endearment, and it usually bought a smile to my face. But not today.
“Yeah?” I spoke a little louder this time, clearing my throat. “Well I don’t.”
I proceeded to shut the door in his face, but he wedged his foot in between the doorway, so it wouldn’t budge. “I’m not going until you talk to me.” Something about the tone of his voice made me shiver as I tutted in defeat and let go of the door, so he could come in.
“Taehyung. You can clearly see I’m not in the mood to talk”, I stated, as I shut the door behind him. He acted like I hadn’t even spoken as he threw himself onto the sofa, sprawled out like he always did.
“Which is exactly why I came.” He replied. I sat down next to him. Not wanting to hug him like I usually do. But as mad as was, Tae and I both knew I wouldn’t stay mad at him for long.
“Why haven’t you lot told him yet?” It took him a minute to understand what I was saying. “How do you know that? Have you spoken to him?” He asked, suddenly looking annoyed.
“No”, I scoffed at the idea. I was a wimp- I didn’t have the guts to talk to him myself. “He texted asking if I wanna go eat. The nerve.” I muttered.
Taehyung visibly relaxed at this. He was probably worried Yoongi would try,and succeed in getting under my skin.
“Tae? What did I do wrong?” I asked. I knew it sounded pathetic and whiny, but I didn’t care. After all this was Taehyung- he had seen my best and worst.
He grabbed my hand and leaned in as I faced him. With his other hand, he wiped at a solitary tear. “Listen to me. It wasn’t you y/n. You were great to him. Too good for him in fact. He doesn’t deserve you, not the other way round. OK?”
I just looked at him. Yoongi was his friend just as much as I was, so I was surprised to hear these words from him.
“Yoongi is really possesive”, I wondered allowed. “So why doesn’t he give a damn that she goes clubbing with Jimin every week?” Suzy would come home at the end of every weekend on a high, telling me how much fun her and Jimin had, while I pretended to listen.
Taehyung looked at me, confusion plastered all over his face. “With Jimin? She doesn’t go anywhere with Jimin. He hates her. He’s always telling her to fuck off because she flirts with him so much it’s unreal.”
“B-but she told me all these stories about him in the club”, I retorted, equally as confused.
“Y/n-ah”, Taehyung said, realisation suddenly taking over his features. He started to rub little circles on my hand with his thumb.
“What?”, I replied, curiosity getting the best of me. “What is it Tae?”
“She only ever goes clubbing with Yoongi…they’ve been going every week for the last month. I took a deep breath. “So all those excuses were lies? ‘I’m ill’ or ‘I have this assignment’?
Taehyung stayed quiet. “I-i’m just a toy to him”, I cried. Taehyung pulled me into a hug, and I cried in his arms. “Shh. It’s OK”, he whispered, gently caressing my hair.
Taehyung was always such a gentleman for his age.
“I’m worthless to him! He must think I‘m so stupid- all the boys probably do”, I sobbed.
“Don’t say that. You are NOT worthless”, he sounded stern, as I sniffled. I was getting his shirt really wet, but he didn’t care. Or if he did, he hid it really well.
“And none of us think you’re stupid. Haven’t you read our texts? We’re all just worried? Jin wanted to make you some food, but he fell asleep waiting for your reply.” I smiled slightly at that. That was so typical of Jin.
“We didn’t have it in us to tell you jagi. We hate to see you hurt, because you’re the only person all of us genuinely care about.”
I pulled away to look at him, my eyes bloodshot and full of disbelief. “No I’m not.”
He nodded earnestly. “Yes you are! Namjoon and you are both smart. Jin loves when you help him out with new recipes. Hoseok and you share the same passion for dancing- he says you’re almost as good as him now!” I chuckled light heartedly, because I knew I was nowhere near as good.
He continued. “You and Jimin both share the same dorky sense of humour. And you and Jungkook are the ultimate study buddies.”
I appreciated how he didn’t mention Yoongi in that list. And he didn’t have to mention himself because he knew we were beyond close.
“Thank you for coming Tae.” I gave him a small smile. “You look tired. Have you slept?” He shook his head. “OK, stay here for the night…and sorry about your shirt”, I apologised, “I have one of your shirts from our last sleep over, lemme go get it.”
Our last sleep over had been a year ago…I can’t believe I still had his stuff here.
As I walked away, I realised how good Taehyung really was to me. He had completely made me forget about Yoongi.
I grabbed his shirt and walked back, only to find him shirtless. I averted my gaze, feeling my cheeks warm up at the sight. I mean, sure he was my friend, but that didn’t mean I was going to stare at him was I?
He just chuckled as he slipped it on. “Do you want to eat anything?” I asked, as my stomach grumbled. He laughed and patted my stomach. “I think we should.”
I grinned- he knew full well I couldn’t cook. “Toast or Waffles?”
There was silence as he pretended to think. Then simultaneously, we both yelled “Waffles!”
It was well past 1 am when we finally finished and I said goodnight. “Thank you”, I thanked him again. He had no idea how much he’d helped.
I would have to face Yoongi eventually. But I would handle things as they come.
After all, tomorrow is another day.
Yoongi’s POV
Yoongi slumped on the bed next to her, panting. She knew how to make him feel good. In such a short space of time, she had learnt his weaknesses, how to make him moan in pleasure- all of it.
His girlfriend y/n, didn’t know any of that. He loved her, but he needed that release of tension. And when her room-mate, walked in on him, beyond stressed and frustrated, and she made advances, Yoongi couldn’t hold back.
He had fucked her senseless. They agreed for it to become a regular thing, as long as Suzy didn’t open her mouth. He loved y/n- her conversations, her little giggles, the way she messed around with him and his friends.
All he wanted from Suzy was her body- but as stupid as the girl was, she caught onto that pretty quickly. She started becoming needy and demanding. So Yoongi agreed to take her on club dates to keep her mouth shut.
She didn’t even spend time with Yoongi at the club, which pissed him off. He took her there, paid for her drinks, and then she would just fuck off. He would see her hours later, grinding on some slime ball.
She was pretty and she knew it. And because of their little secret, she had Yoongi wrapped around her little finger.
Obviously it didn’t take long for the boys to figure out what he was doing, seeing as they lived together. They were disgusted and horrified at how he was treating y/n. Taehyung didn’t speak to him for three weeks straight.
Y/n-ah... As soon as Suzy got up, he texted y/n, if she was up for lunch. Yoongi was craving her presence.
He heard Suzy walk downstairs and purr “Hello boys”, in a sultry tone. He rolled his eyes. He knew the boys hated her. But she always tried to get them to like her.
She walked out-shakily, by the sounds of her heels- and that’s when Yoongi got up and threw on some clothes. The boys were doing their usual activities, except Taehyung, who was hurriedly picking up little bits of paper near the door.
Yoongi didn’t think anything of it. He probably dropped some work.
The atmosphere was always frosty when Suzy came, but it didn’t take long for Yoongi to get the boys to talk- Jin was usually first to cave.
He turned to Jin, who was sat stiffly on the edge of the sofa, next to Jimin, who was next to Hoseok. Hoseok hadn’t even looked up- but Yoongi figured his music was probably too loud to notice that he had just walked in.
“Smells good. What you cooking?” Jin didn’t meet his gaze. “Er..nothing special. Just trying something new.”
Yoongi frowned at the vague answer. Normally Jin would jump at the opportunity to tell him what he was experimenting with.
Taehyung had now picked up all the paper and shoved it in his pocket. He walked back to his place next to Jungkook and sat down, resuming to pick up his pen, not even looking at Yoongi. Jungkook hadn’t looked up from his writing either.
Namjoon was focused on his book and Jimin was focused on his phone. Yoongi felt a bit out of place, standing there.
He slowly sat down on edge of the sofa Taehyung and Jungkook were leaning on and took his phone out. Y/n still hadn’t replied to his text. She was probably studying.
He smiled to himself. It’s Saturday evening and she was probably the only girl out there studying. Not that she needed it. She was like Namjoon, a natural brainbox.
Taehyung cleared his throat before addressing Jin. “Hey, Jin hyung, I’m probably going to go to a friends house later.”
The boys always told Jin if they were going somewhere. He didn’t even ask, it was a force of habit.
Yoongi was wondering Who’s house is he going to? But Jin just nodded in understanding.
Yoongi tried calling y/n It went to voicemail. “You are you trying to call?”, Namjoon asked, not even looking up from his book.
“Y/n-ah”, Yoongi replied. “She isn’t picking up.”
“She’s probably just busy Yoongi”, Namjoon replied. Pretty bluntly, in Yoongi’s opinion. He frowned. I could do without the attitude.
“Didn’t she visit? Or say she was coming? I mean, it’s Saturday, she’s normally here by now.”
“ I just remembered- spoke to her a couple of days ago when we met up to revise”, Jungkook piped up for the first time. “She said something about visiting her parents.”
Yoongi relaxed slightly. Maybe she had mentioned it to me, and I forgot.
The boys were all staring blankly at Jungkook. The fact that Jimin looked up from his phone to raise an eyebrow at the maknae didn’t go unnoticed by Yoongi.
What the hell is going on?
Then it hit him. It was his birthday next week, so maybe they had arranged a surprise. That could be the only explanation for why the were acting so weird. He decided that if that was the case, he’d leave them to it.
“Got an assignment”, he lied. “Better go and finish it.” The boys all gave him a sight nod, except Taehyung who didn’t even acknowledge that he had spoken.
Yoongi just smiled. Taehyung was known to blurt out surprises, so he was probably keeping his mouth shut.
This surprise is gonna be good…I can feel it.
Taehyung’s POV
“How did you think that up on the spot?”, Taehyung murmured, once Yoongi had sauntered off and they heard his bedroom door shut.
Jungkook shrugged in response. “Had to say something, or he would go round to hers.” Jin just shook his head smiling, while Hoseok took of his headphones.
“Good save Kookie”, he spoke quietly, but the amusement was evident on his face.
Taehyung frowned. “You heard everything?” Hoseok nodded. “Obviously. I just put the headphones in so I didn’t have to talk to him. Might say something I regret.”
Suddenly Namjoon put his book down on his lap, revealing his phone. “I’ve been texting her. We all have. But she isn’t replying.” He sighed deeply. “Maybe I should have let you go after her”, he said to Taehyung.
“Fuck Yoongi”, Jimin spat. “And that whore. How can she live with y/n and do that behind her back?”
“I’m even making her favourite food. I know she won’t eat”, Jin whispered. Taehyung looked around. The boys were distraught over this, more than he thought they would be.
But he was hurting. He felt y/n’s pain, and he was pissed with Yoongi for putting her through this.
Honestly, if it had been Yoongi cheating on Suzy with y/n, it wouldn’t have been half as bad. Y/n was so genuine and caring and Suzy…wasn’t.
It was late when y/n replied to his text. No one had moved from their position. They all talked until one by one, they fell asleep, except him and Namjoon. Yoongi still hadn’t made an appearance but Taehyung really didn’t care.
“Namjoon hyung”, Taehyung whispered, not wanting to wake the others. “I’m going to meet her. She needs someone there for her.” While saying this, he gently pushed a sleeping Jungkook off himself.
Namjoon just nodded. “Stay over. She could do with the company. Not like her room-mate’s gonna be there to support her”, he scoffed at the idea. “I’ll tell the guys in the morning. Text us to let us know how she’s doing.”
“Ok. Here. Hide these for now”, he fished in his pocket and took out the tickets. “We’ll decide what to do with hem later.” Namjoon took them, nodding.
Taehyung nodded and crept out, silently grabbing y/n’s key and shutting the door.
Namjoon’s POV
Namjoon and just started getting some shut eye, when he heard footsteps. He sighed. He had been helping Jin and Hoseok with tutoring all day, and was shattered. But he was unable to properly sleep after today’s events. Everytime he closed his eyes, he could see y/n’s disbelief and shock all over again.
He opened his eyes, to find Yoongi sat on the sofa, in the same place as before, opposite Namjoon. Yoongi pointedly looked around. Judging by his hair, he had also fallen asleep.
“Looks like your conversations finished”, Yoongi jokes, as a half-arsed attempt to break the ice. Namjoon just gave him a tight-lipped smile. “Guess so.”
Yoongi sighed and looked around once more. Namjoon followed his gaze. Jungkook’s gonna have a sore neck in that position.
“Where’s Taehyung?”
“Have you forgotten already? He’s gone to a friends house.” Namjoon spoke carefully, not wanting to let on. Yes, Yoongi was his friend, but so was y/n.
“Which friend? He only has us or…” Yoongi faltered, and Namjoon still tried to play it cool.
“Or y/n”, Yoongi finished.
“I can’t remember who’s house it is, but it’s a project partner, not an actual friend. He can’t be at y/n’s, she’s not home.” Namjoon lied. My compulsive lying must be rubbing off on Jungkook, he thought.
Namjoon could tell Yoongi was scrutinising him, but he kept a straight face. He was one of the most trustworthy members of this friendship circle, seeing as he never gave in.
“He had all day to go to do the project. It’s now past midnight.”
“The partner might have busy. Listen Yoongi, I’m tired as hell, it’s been a long day. You can question Tae later yourself, ok?”
Namjoon didn’t sound angry or annoyed, but he wanted Yoongi to take the hint. Thankfully, the boy got up, nodding. But he didn’twalk in the direction of the room. He started to ealk towards the front door.
Namjoon was alarmed, but he still stayed calm. “Where are you going?”
Yoongi just replied bluntly, “Out.”
Namjoon nodded not wanting to press him about it. It was his life, he could do whatever he wanted. As long as he wasn’t going to y/n’s. If Yoongi saw Taehyung there…he would flip. Taehyng was banned from sleepovers once y/n and Yoongi started dating.
Yoongi was extremely possessive. One time Jimin hugged her on passing a test, and Yoongi almost hit the boy, grabbing y/n and storming out. God knows what he was like behind closed doors with the girl herself.
He heard the door click shut. “Shit”, he muttered, taking out his phone to call Taehyung.
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