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Hello! This is for @4dalientae as well as anyone who's curious~ ^^

[my original card: kpop edits] I'm sorry if any of it is confusing as I'm not too elegant with words... (⇀ ↼‶) but if you have questions, please feel free to ask!!

⚠ WARNING: It's long •3• ⚠

This tutorial is about making something like this! (: It fits in the circle for your profile pic ^^


*I have Android so I don't know if these are also available on the Apple app store ❥ FotoRus • to make your subject cuter!! • any photo app will do; I've just been using this one lately ❥ Background Eraser • optional because there's a built-in version in the PhotoLayers app ❥ PhotoLayers • you'll need this to layer pics on


picture of subject • be weary of HD pictures of oppa from Tumblr as some photographers may state NOT to edit their photos ❥ profile picture template • I looked up something like "blank circle profile png" • it needs to be transparent (continue reading to see what I mean) • I've posted the one I use to save you some trouble ❥ solid color picture • oppa needs a background! • gradient/polka dot/stripes are okay, too • size doesn't matter (will be cropped later)


open the Eraser app • tap on "Load a photo" and find oppa's picture • follow the instructions and crop unnecessary background ❥ erase that background! (above pics) • manually: for hard-to-reach places and precision • auto: for areas with a lot of the same color • you can play with the Extract method but I usually avoid it (too much work to me haha) • you can do closeups! • you can Repair parts of the picture if you mess up • smooth option: opens after you tap "Done" • I usually use 1,2, or 3 - experiment with what looks best to you! • save to gallery! ❥ prep profile picture template [this is if my provided circle template isn't transparent in the middle like it should be] • transparent space is usually represented by black, solid color (my phone) or checkered background (on google) • to clear the middle of the circle, open it in the Eraser app and Auto erase it


open the PhotoLayers app • tap "Load a background image" • upload your solid color background and crop to 1:1 ❥ upload profle picture template • tap "Add Photo" at the top, find it, and crop to 1:1 if it's not already • make it fit the background image • select it from the menu on the left, then tap "Color" at the bottom • play with it if you want - I turn the brightness alll the way up for a white background


upload oppa's picture ^^ • find that Eraser edit from earlier • you can crop more if you'd like, but size doesn't matter much since we'll be moving the subject around • make sure the profile template is in front of oppa - move the layers from the left menu around by dragging them • the "Cut" option is the built-in Eraser, which I used to retouch my edit of Tae ❥ adjust the background • you can change its color by tapping "Color" and fiddling with the hue and brightness

Got it where you want it?

Save it to your gallery and you're done! (^▽^)

.°④ DECORATE! (optional)

open FotoRus/photo app of choice • use stickers to make oppa cute(r)! :3 ❥ save it to your gallery

You did it!!! ^^ You've reached the end of the tutorial~

Hopefully this helps/you learned something.

If you have any questions, please ask away! (: ~Badtz ♡
thank you so much!! It helped me a lot
@4dalientae glad to hear that ^^ you're welcome!