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I Just Woke Selfie Challenge
As usual, I'm behind on a challenge.
But, I woke up like this.
Not the most flawless, but I'm alive and that's the best look anyone can wear in my opinion.
Let's just say, I'm tired and ready for yet another weekend already.
Oh Monday, why must you do this to me.
Disclaimer: my brows aren't done. don't judge me, it's been a long week.
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Worry not everyone has a default position. And your Creator said it's perfect.
a year ago·Reply
haha, thank you! trust me the post waking up look is much better @nobankai
a year ago·Reply
My father used to say, that a woman is really pretty, if she's pretty when she just woke up. You are beautiful.
a year ago·Reply
@orenshani7 thats sweet..
a year ago·Reply
Awww thank you very much @orenshani7 I appreciate that a lot!
a year ago·Reply