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Yet another nail trend.

If you love nails, as much as the next woman then you will absolutely love this nail trend that is taking over. While it takes a bit of patience and a steady hand, the best part is you'll be saving money in the comfort of your home. Nail stamping is the technique of adding stamp like designs to your nails by using a stamp.
Designs are making a huge comeback and it's all starting with stamping. If you're a fan of nail designs, but don't have the artistic ability to free hand any on your own -- this technique will make all of your worries disappear and bring some life to your nails. Keep scrolling and check out a brief tutorial below.

Have you given nail stamping a try?

Would you try it out?
I bought them when they first came out. Barely used them though, I'm into glitter and only glitter lately lol
I sooo want to try this!!!
@jordanhamilton sure will ^_^
Let me know how it goes!! @MyAffairWith
Oh yes!!! I will give it a try!!
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