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Kylie's back at it again.

Let's just say, Kylie's a tease. She definitely knows how to get her fans anticipating something new and based on a photo she posted to social media this weekend, it's looking like there might just be something new in store -- very soon.
With festival season literally right around the corner, it's important that your lips stand out just as much as your outfit. Created in honor of Coachella, the lipstick extraordinaire posted an image of metallic lippies with the caption 'dropping soon'. Oh, what a tease!
Based on the amazing swatches and the packaging the excitement is real. There are three shades you will be able to choose between including Reign, a reddish bronze; the pure gold King K; and Heir, a sunset pink. Sorry, if you were hoping for a silver -- you might have to take that one up with Kylie.
If these shades don't scream summertime glow, I honestly don't know what does. Keep up to date with the launch of the new lip kits via social media. Kylie always updates. Trust me, you'll never miss a beat.

Would you invest in any of these metallic lippies?

I'm loving Kylie lip kits. I want some so bad. I'm going to have to spurge on myself soon 馃槣
she's seriously trying to beat others to the game on this considering metallic mattes are deff the next big thing!
@jordanhamilton right! That's all I'm asking for at least one. 馃槉
that makes two of us! I at least need one @MelissaGarza
I totally agree! I kinda dig it though! @hikaymm