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Okay okay okay... SO.. as most of you have noticed I have slowed down a lot in keeping my stories updated. The semester is almost over... three more weeks, and since I am a creative arts major my finals do not consist of tests, but projects. Majorly extensive projects since I am a junior and in many classes.
I want to apologize now for the fact that I will not be posting much until my final project has been completed. I will try to upload a short every once in a while but for the most part you will not see anything from They Call Me a Monster, Ice Princess, or part two of Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend since I actually put a lot of time into writing a chapter unlike the hour it takes for me to make a short at times. (Depends on how inspired I am). Once summer starts and I am back to just working my two jobs and not school as well, I will be able to update more often.
Again in typical Super Junior fashion..... sorry sorry. I hope you all look forward to the continuation of my stories as well as the shorts and stories to come.
Tagging the Loverlys:
no worries. We will survive. the important thing is for you to take care of yourself and your schooling.
no worries! as much as we hate the fact that life gets in the does. Unfortunately. My own life has gotten hectic these past two weeks, n will only get more so with B.A.P concert and vacation!
Take your time! HWAITING! ❤️❤️
School first!! I'm in the same boat finals wise. 화이팅! 🙌 🙌
take ur time we can wait so HWAITING! !!
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