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I have a major haul of makeup headed to me, and I couldn't be more excited!!!
I've ordered quite a lot of things over the last few weeks, and I usually have things shipped to my parents in case I end up traveling. My mom just sent them my way...and I am itching to get my hands on everything!

Here's what I have coming...

Assorted items...

I buy most of my makeup off an exchange board where prices are a bit cheaper!! And I might have splurged a bit over there, so I have allllll of the following coming:
- The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Lipstick in Charming
- Colourpop Grunge Lippie
- Milani Shadow Eyes in Champagne Toast, Almond and Cafe Au Lait!
- LORAC Wet/Dry Foundation
- Wet n Wild Fergie Eye Primer
- Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb Lipstick
- Too Faced Perfect Eyes Purple Eyeliner

These products from TheBalm!

I ordered these way back in January, but after a delay in Hautelook's shipping, they didn't arrive until mid-March. Can't wait to try out these!!
- theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude - Size Matt(e)rs Eyeshadow Palette
- theBalm Balms Away - Eye Makeup Break-Up Remover

My Shaaanxo Palette from BH Cosmetics!

I already wrote about that recently though but I'm sooo excited!

Anybody else looking forward to some new items?!

Are those items new or used from the exchange board? Just curious why they're much cheaper!
@cindystran Some are new, some are just swatched! I don't usually buy anything that's more than swatched unless it's in a container where it's easy to be sanitized. A lot of people get things as gifts or end up not using it like they thought they would and sell there :)