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Yixing Being The Most Caring Person In The World
Someone get this boy away from me. My heart can't take this.......
TAGGING THE OVERDOSE SQUAD!!! Follow the collection and join the squad if you would also like to be updated on everything EXO ^.^
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fluffy fluffy unicorn! 馃檰
2 years agoReply
why is my unicorn so cute ?
2 years agoReply
Aww my little fluff ball is so cute 馃槃馃槅馃槏馃槞鈾♀櫋
2 years agoReply
awe lil cutie pie
2 years agoReply
Hes so innocent but so naughty like how can he be so sweet and caring but constantly murder everybody with floor humping lol
2 years agoReply