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I'm trying soooooooo hard not to buy anything from either of these, but because I know some of you are looking for new items from these groups I thought I'd share!!!

It Cosmetics Sale - 25% Off!!

Sale ends 4/15
Use code: FRIENDS2016
Free shipping on orders over $25

Tarte Sale - 30% Off!!

Sale ends 4/11, then opens to everyon 4/12 I think!
Use code: FRIENDS
Free shipping on orders over $40
@jordanhamilton if you're still looking at that Rainforest of the Sea, the discount works on it! And @marshalledgar and @MyAffairWith - It Cosmetics (if you're still interested in that CC+ haha) has a discount, too!
awesome!!!!!!!!! thank you do much @hikaymm 馃槏馃槏馃槏
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Awesome!!! Thank you for letting me know!! Is it on Hautelook?
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@MyAffairWith just on their websites :)
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@hikaymm alright!!! Thank you for letting me know!!! ^_^
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Gah I wish I had seen these sooner!!
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