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This week I've been appreciating just how much changing a tiny part of your face can really change your whole look - I mean, that's part of the fun of makeup!
Earlier this week I talked about waterlines and

today it's all about lips!!!

These looks are all just drawing your lips a different way - you might be lucky enough to have any of these looks naturally. Sorry if these tutorials don't work for your lips, it's actually so hard to find tutorial pics for these, haha, so I stuck to what works for me :)
For me, I have a very thin upper lip and a slightly thicker bottom lip comparatively. I searched out these tips as ones I think I could actually try on my lips, but I'm not yet decided on which ONE to try!

Angular Lips

I've seen this called the "Bonnie" after Bonnie of Bonnie & Clyde. Going a bit more angular shape to the lips can change the face look!

Up & Over!

If you have a slight cupid's bow, you can try out a different lip shape by drawing over the bow for a more rounded or full look. Very Kate Hepburn!

The Big Bow!

Make that cupid's bow evveeeeen bigger! Make it stretched out wide into a soft, curved shape which can change your whole look.

The Marilyn!

Overdrawing that top look is supposed to look more seductive, but honestly, this is a look I haven't been happy to pull of~

Heart Shaped & Puckered!

This one is sometimes called bee stung! Basically, you leave the outside edges not filled in so that you have a heart in the center of the lips that seems very puckered.

Point that Cupid's Bow!

Overly pointy, overly extended, make it look more dramatic than it is! You've gotta play up your points to make this look work.