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All shapes and sizes are beautiful.

While we don't all have the same shape, we can definitely all rock the same clothing -- despite what society thinks. A crop top should not be made for one specific size range.
Clothes are clothes and anyone should have the ability to purchase and wear them as they please. It all comes down to making it work and making sure it fits.
A lot of people think it has to do with the product the person is wearing, but that's where they happen to be wrong. The actual product means nothing, it has to do with the size.
As long as you're wearing your size and the piece of clothing fits comfortability, it shouldn't really matter what that piece of clothing is. In the video below, a group of women all different shapes and sizes wear the same exact outfit, keep scrolling to see how the looks vary.

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yea I think a person should wear what they like
I couldn't agree with you more :) @buddyesd