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This weekend a family member mentioned how I was looking more and more like my mother. The funny thing is, for the longest I was beginning to realize that I was taking on more and more of my mothers tendencies as I got older.
It's really true what they say, as you age you turn into your parents. While I haven't hit dirty thirty yet, it's closer than I think and I see my mother in me more everyday.
From her simple nuances to certain gestures, I'm literally turning into her more each day. The video below is a hilarious depiction of what it looks like when you turn into your mother. While I got a good chuckle, it was actually rather accurate.
If you find yourself turning into one of your parents as you get older each day, keep scrolling and check out the absolutely hilarious video below. Trust me, once you're done watching the video you'll definitely appreciate the relationship you have with your parents so much more.

Do you see your parents in yourself as you get older?

I hate to admit it. But I am monitoring clothes, make-up, and even the music. Sounding more and more like my mother.
My mom was always the one telling me that being cool and popular was stupid, and that cliquey people were jerks you didn't want to hang out with anyway. And I always thought that she was just being lame, but then I got older and realized how pathetic going out of your way to impress people is. Now I'm just as much "Hi haters~" as my mom used to be!
I think I'm a lot like to my father when it comes into his hobby and some of his habits . he's kind of obsessed with car accessories and have strict discipline with his kids and about time punctuation. I am too far from being my mum. lol
I'm definitely a lot like my mom, and I always kind of have been. She's not your typical mom, though. She's the mom that wears a lot of black and skulls, and listens to heavy metal. She's always been "cool." Now that I have my own kid, I see myself being more and more like her. The whole, "always bring a jacket," and, "don't go outside without shoes, you'll catch a cold!" Lol. My older sister looks almost exactly like her, but is far from being like her.
I will never be like my parents, looks wise yes my whole family told me I look like my dad but not attitude wise
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