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I was at Costco yesterday, just doing what I do. Strolling. Picking up some staples. Sticking to the list. And then I randomly found myself in the bakery section. Carbs weren't on the list. So, I had no business being in that area!
Then I spied the chocolate sheet cakes, knowing all along that my 12-week cut begins this week.
Fast forward and the first thing out of the car was this chocolate mousse birthday cake.

No, it wasn't my birthday or anyone else's.

Less than 24 hours later...

What did I just do?!?!?!?!

What's your Before and After: Poor Decision?!?!?!

Hahahaha @yumimiyazaki lolol
You got to eat a whole cake by yourself! Lucky. There's too many nosy, food loving people in my house for me to eat a bag of chips in peace.
@marshalledgar hahahaha I know how that feels. Trust me!! I resist as much as I can!!! And most times, I succeed.
I stopped eating chocolate about a month ago and I am completely fine without it. My regret was having Pizza Hut 2 weeks ago, it tears me up. It was good at the time, then weekend came along....UGH, no more Pizza Hut for me. Felt like complete crap all the way through Monday.
And can you believe someone tried to offer me a piece of chocolate yesterday?! @MyAffairWith UGH I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GET IT AWAY FROM ME! I'll be fine if I don't have any chocolate for a month or so.
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