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Just Hangin' Out: Back Workout

One of my favorite fitness dudes, Justin Williams, (@jayhawk_fitness) is killing my ego as he just hangs from the bars--showing off his strength and impossible physique!
Today isn't back day for me--that was yesterday. But it makes me I killing it when I work out? Am I really pushing it?
What about you? Are you really making every set, every rep count?
I found his back workout and saw some interesting ways of hitting the back. Like the way he uses an incline bench to do wide-grip pull-downs. Love that!
Did you find anything interesting that you're going to try?!
Throwing the bench in is interesting - I imagine for isolation
I wish I could do at least 20 real pullups
I'm just trying to jack up my pull up numbers these days.....
Dude, @mchlyang I do three sets of wide grip pull ups--DESPERATE TO RAISE MY NUMBERS. Set 1 = 12. Set 2 = 7. Set 3 = 2 (barely!!!!!) UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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