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Hey ladies of Vingle!
I came across this really interesting hydra-matte lipstick by Gerard Cosmetics. It's called Gravity and retails for $20.
But I'm curious to know if you all would consider this unique color for your lips.
It's gray. It's purple. It's both.
Some other similar colors by the same company include:
* Ecstasy
* Invasion
* Iced Mocha
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Well I'm wearing in my new profile pic. Not really dead looking I'd like to think haha. It helps that it's not glossy, I think that gives a lot of the wilder colors way better range. With a nice smoky eye I think it would really pop on any skin tone.
I'd wear it. . .
I would wear it
I have a color like this it's called Marshmallow from ColourPop Its cute, but I'm not sure that It looks good by itself but with an ombre lip would be nice.