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Hey Nakama!

Yesterday's NC prompt brought us to a total of 10 prompts so far! Wooo! That means that there are only 5 remaining! Remember, to be eligible to win the giveaway, you have to have done every NC card!
Moving right along, the prompt for today is this!

What anime caught you off guard?

As in, what anime made you cry when you didn't expect it, or laugh when you didn't expect it. It could even be anime that you THOUGHT would make you cry but didn't!

My Pick- Clannad: After Story

I don't generally watch a lot of slice of life or romance anime, but I did enjoy Clannad. I'd heard about the anime being kind of a bummer before I saw it, and I didn't know why. Even knowing it a little, this one totally caught me off guard with how much I would be hit in the feels.
I agree it caught me off guard as well for it won the place in my heart for favorite anime
Dragon ball z made me tear up out of nowhere.
its the opening of the show for Assassination Classroom never expecting that opening thou
yeah this anime made me cry real bad it took quite a while before it stopped hurting real bad
there are so many...but there's 1 that really made me cry in a anime. TOP 3 SOON