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At the V-Chart awards Luhan was clapping when they announced that EXO won an award.....*ugly sobbing* why is life so unfair *sigh* Credit!
But on the other hand EXO wasn't there to receive the award and were on their way to Korea....I don't know guys this seems suspicious, they were there for the other awards but the minute Luhan came into the picture EXO beat feet to Korea...SM what are you trying to do????
I'm sooooo proud of him...he's accomplished so much in a year #proudlufan Credit!


LOL this was totally me when I found out EXO wasn't there...
Awwww, you'll eventually slip through SM's fingers and get to see them Luhan. Don't worry ^^
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lol I feel like that's what Luhan actually said in his head xD
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