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chapter 6 : Step 4

lexi Marie’s pov

Sebastian: Enjoy your day at school Ms. Marie.
"I'll try. I'll see you after school. Say hi to your girlfriend if you go see her after this" I said.
Sebastian: Yeah...Thanks.
What's so weird about me saying that? Hm, well I guess it's cuz I never usually wake up in a mood like this. I just don't feel like being rude. Not to him anyway.
He helped me out of the car and smiled.
I sighed and walked into the school.
Tiffany: MARIE!
Ugh, just what I needed.
I ignored her. I really don't wanna talk to her. This her fault anyway!
Tiffany: Marie!
I took a deep breath and smiled. "Oh hey Tiff!"
Tiffany: So how's it go? Tell me! I'm dying to know!
"It was okay. I mean we didn't really stay long, I went to the beach afterwards." I said.
Tiffany: Just the two of you?! How romantic! What happened?
"I'm sure you already know." I said.
She squealed in excitement.
"Any louder?" I asked.
Tiffany: Why are you so cranky? Did he not give you any?
My eyes widened. "Ya! I don't want to talk about this!" I exclaimed.
Tiffany: Someone just told on themselves~~ hehehe.
I rolled my eyes. "I need to get to class okay? Later..."
I walked off. Man she annoys me! I'm so mad at her! I mean I know she doesn't know this is fake but still! Ugh...I shouldn't take it out on her anyway...she was being thoughtful. After all, it's not her fault that he's a jerk...
Jimin: Morning Marie.
Hmm? I looked to my left.
Jimin smiled at me.
"Oh, Hey Jimin. Good Morning." I said.
Jimin: You okay?
"Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" I asked.
Jimin: Just asking.
That's thoughtful I suppose.
"Oh, well I'm okay. Thanks for asking." I slightly smiled.
Jin: Marie. Good Morning! You're looking really pretty today.
Not really. Well at least I didn't feel pretty not today.
"Thanks. It's Dolce & Cabana. I bought it the day before yesterday." I said.
Jin: It's nice. I don't know much about brands but it looks nice on you.
He's so nice to me. Even though sometimes I'm kind of a diva towards him.
J-Hope: Annyeonghaseyo ^^
"Morning Hoseok" I said.
J-Hope: Who are you looking so pretty for?
"Me, Myself and I" I smiled. "I don't need a reason to look nice, thank you"
J-Hope: Hahaha. Well excuse me.
I giggled.
RM: Sup?
Where are they all coming from?! One moment I'm talking to one of them, next thing you know I hear another one right next to me.
"Morning Namjoon" I said.
RM: How are you today?
"I'm good, thanks and you?" I asked.
RM: Eh, I'd rather be in bed but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.
"Yeah, you right"
They began to laugh.
"I'm glad I amuse you haha." I smiled.
Suga: Morning Everyone. Hey Marie.
That voice...I felt as if someone had poured hot boiling water on me. I casually looked at the time.
"I'll see you guys later. Tiffany wanted me to meet her by the girls restroom." I said and walked away.
I have no idea if I made that completely obvious but I didn't want to be near him. I seriously just needed to be away from him. I sighed.

-Suga’s POV

She completely ignored me! She just walked off as if I hadn't said anything to her!
Jin: Hey Suga.
V: Anyone seen Jungkook?
J-Hope: He's going to be absent. He's sick.
Jimin: Fever?
J-Hope: Yup.
"We should go see him afterschool, it's the weekend after this is over so might as well stay with him and make sure he gets better." I said.
RM: Seems like Marie was in a hurry when you got here, what's up with that?
"I don't know what you're talking about. She seems normal"
Jin looked at me.
Jin shrugged.
V: Did you guys fight? I mean you're always fighting but it didn't seem like she wanted to hang around us when you came.
"So? She's being a bone head. You know how she likes to get on my nerves. That's what women feed off of Taehyung, A man's misery."
Jimin: Funny how it's only you that women tend to make miserable isn't it?
"Whatever, I'm going to class" I said and walked away.

lexi Marie’s pov

Suga: Hey.
"Hey" I said.
He looked at me.
"Is there something you want? Sebastian is waiting for me." I said.
"Well, actually. Yes, there is. I'm coming over." He said.
"Coming over? Absolutely-..."
I looked around, people were staring. I forced a smile on.
"Absolutely yes. Of course baby. Come on" I grabbed his hand and we walked to the limo.
Sebastian: Master Suga.
Suga smiled. "Sup Sebastian"
I got inside and sat down, as did he. The door closed.
"What do you want? After school means you're not my boyfriend anymore, so spit it out."
"Why are you mad at me?" He looked at me.
-___- Did he just seriously ask that?
"I'm not mad."
I wanted him to just be quiet already and let me be.
"Stop lying. I know you're mad at me, I want you to tell me. Be real with me" he said.
I sighed. "Look I'm not mad okay? Will you just let me be? I have homework and lots of other stuff I need to do. I'll tell Sebastian to take you home" I said.
I honestly don't have time for this.
"Look, I know I was kind of a jerk but I didn't mean to make you cry. I'm sorry" he said.
Did he just apologize? Like did he seriously just go soft on me? I must be dreaming or hallucinating.
"Aren't you going to accept my apology?" He asked.
"I'm taking what you did out of your paycheck. 400 bucks gone." I said.
Might as well have fun with it, right?
"What?! 400?!" He exclaimed.
"700 then?" I asked.
"Why are you taking money off for?! That whole date wasn't even on the time I'm supposed to be working!"
He's getting mad. Over 700.00?? Hmph. What a joke.
Sebastian: My lady we have arrived home. Is master Suga staying?
"No. Take him home." I said.
"But what about-"
"You're not on duty remember? Starting as of now. After school you aren't allowed to come near me, understood? If you do, I'll deduct money from your pay." I looked at him.
He scoffed. "I was trying to apologize to you and you're being a total-"
"It doesn't matter what you think I'm being, besides nothing you say to me is gonna bother me. It's been said before. So don't waste your breath...Sebas, open the door for me will you?" I asked.
He immediately came to open the door for me and helped me out. I didn't even say bye to him, but I'm glad I got my point across. No more of this! I'm allowing myself to get all worked up for nothing. Sebastian bowed and excused himself. I walked inside the mansion.
Tiffany: MARIE!
Oh freakin perfect.
"Hey tiff." I said.
Tiffany: So are you doing anything today?
"Actually yes. I am and will be busy until bed time so no room to go out or anything." I said.
Tiffany: Oh I see...that's too bad. Sungmin invited me to Italy for dinner and we'll be leaving in about an hour. Blair and the others will be going as well with their dates. I was gonna see if you and Suga would come.
"You can ask Suga if he wants to go but I for one am busy so..."
She examined my attitude and body language.
Tiffany: Ah-ha! You and Suga had a fight didn't you? What better place to make up than Italy?! Come on Marie. It'll be great.
I remembered our 'first date', I can only imagine what being in Italy with him would be like. I already felt the frustration and stress.
"'s alright." I said.
Blair: Lexi Marie Tipton backing out from a night in Italy?
In wonderful she must've brought EVERYONE.
Sungmin: Aw come on Lex. Let's go. I'm sure Suga would love to see Italy plus it's a romantic place.
"You're not on duty remember? Starting as of now. After school you aren't allowed to come near me, understood? If you do, I'll deduct money from your pay."
-End Of Flashback-
Although it gives me an idea.
"You invite him. Tell him you were thinking of asking me and see what he says" I suggested.
If he says no then I'll be home free! If? No, he WILL say No.
Sungmin agreed and called him.
SM: Suga, what's up?
S: Nothin much, on my way home. What's up with you?
SM: Oh you know. Bored like always. Listen I was you like Italian food?
S: Yeah, why?
SM: Well, I'm taking my babe to Italy with me along with some other people and their dates...but uh I wanted to ask you if you and Lex could come. I haven't asked her yet but yeah, so what do you say? You down?
S: Uh...I don't know.
Sungmin had a way with words. He could convince anyone to go places and do things. That part had slipped by me, I'm doomed.
SM: I'm sure she'll wanna come, besides it's a romantic place. It'll be fun~.
S: Umm, sure I'll go.
SM: Yes! Perfect, I'll just tell Lex to get ready. You'll be her surprise. Later bro, I'll send someone to pick you up.
Sungmin smiled. "He said yes." off! That idiot!
Tiffany: Yay! You're coming!
"But I still have to-"
Stella: No worries, we'll take care of everything miss Marie
And thank you Stella for helping.....NOT.
Blair, Tiffany and the other girls came to my room and helped me get ready.
Blair: Red is sexy. It speaks passion. Wear red.
Tiffany: BUT black is sophisticated and sexy. Wear black.
I sighed.
Layla: Hmm, how about something that's just classy and cute?
Emma: It's not like she's gonna be doing anything major anyway.
"You mean we." I corrected.
Erin: Aren't we just going for dinner then going shopping and all that?
Blair: We're gonna party too. Not just eat dinner.
I honestly don't feel like partying. I might just call it a night after we have dinner. I'll let Winston know, so that he keeps his phone on loud. I'll send for the jet or something.
Sam: Lex? Hello?
"Hmm?" I looked at her.
Sam: You don't seem very excited. You okay?
"I'm fine. I'm just a bit tired is all, I usually take a nap but yeah. Heh." I said.
Emma: Well once you're with Suga you won't be so tired anymore.
They giggled.
I slightly smiled. "Yeah"
Tiffany: So about her outfit....
Emma: I'm going in these cute shorts and this crop top.
Erin: I'm going in a black mini dress.
Sam: Eh, you guys know I don't really care. I'm going in skinny jeans, combat boots and a black tank top.
Blair: I'm going in a black leather skirt with-
Tiffany: Im going in this cute cream colored sparkly dress with these to die for heels~
Layla: I'll be going in a tank top with mini shorts.
"I guess I'll go in mini shorts and a black tank top with some flats or something. I don't feel like getting all dolled up."
They gasped.
Blair: always dress up Lex. You never go anywhere casual unless it's like to the park,pool or beach like omg. Are you sick or something?
Sam: let her wear whatever she wants. Besides Suga will like seeing her in those shorts, she's got nice tan legs and they're smooth looking like silk.
Tiffany: Umm, Sam...
Sam: Yes?
Tiffany: That sounded kinda gay...
Sam: Well I didn't mean for it to sound gay. I was just saying -.-
"I'll wear that so, I'll meet you girls downstairs? Please make yourselves at home and eat what you want, drink what you want. My house is your house." I smiled.
Erin: Thanks girl.
Blair: Awesome, we'll be in the sun room kay?
I nodded.
Layla: How will you do your hair?
"I'll see." I smiled.
Emma: Let's go to the sun room! I'm starving anyway, maybe some sandwiches and tea?
Sam: Ohh yes! Leggo!
Tiffany: Kay~ Later Marie~ don't take too long kay?
I nodded. "I won't"
They walked out of my room. I sighed. Man, I honestly don't want to go anywhere but since that idiot agreed I suppose I kinda have to. I grabbed the clothes I was going to wear and got ready. This is gonna be a long night.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To Be Continued.....

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