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Hey Nakama!

We've nearly reached the end of our Nakama Campfire Challenge/Giveaway! I think we've learned a bunch about one another and the things we love about anime. I know I've had a bunch of fun just reading everyone's cards!
Today's prompt (and tomorrow's too) is more about us as the Japanese Anime community here on Vingle. It's about why we love to come here and be here.

The prompt is this: Why Vingle Anime? What is your vingle anime story?

For me, it started with seeing a new place for Creative Writing online. As someone who fancies himself a writer, I thought it would be really cool to have a new space to do my writing. However, I discovered that there was a bunch more stuff on Vingle, including Anime and Video Games.
After that it became all about the other Vinglers I've met and talked to. There are a whole lot of awesome folk here, especially all of my Nakama in the Anime community. A community isn't a community without the people who make it great, and so I proudly count myself among the people in our community.