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Every Monday is bench day (if you hadn't noticed how ridiculously packed the gym gets around the chest equipment). If you're not trying to wait in the bullshit line for bench, here's a few chest exercises you can do that require no equipment.

1 - Basic Pushups

2 - Incline Pushups

3 - Single Leg Pushups

4 - Decline Pushups

5 - Diamond Pushups

6 - Wide Push Ups

7 - Wall Push Ups

8 - One-Arm Pushups

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one day I will get there.... one day...
that last one is like a combo of one arm and one leg. goals to strive for for sure
@VeronicaArtino I feel like that's like one of the ultimate tests of strength! It's definitely one of my goals too
it's a strength to weight ratio that allows a person to do a one handed push up.
@alywoah Thank you I needed different workouts when I go to the gym at my local college