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I was going to leave it on a cliff hanger but instead I just made it longer. Enjoy!!
It was the next day and you were heading with the rest of the girls to the practise rooms. Instead of going for dance practise, this time you were preparing your first single. The studio you entered was massive, nothing like you'd seen before. Zara and Tammy had already had their sessions and now it was your turn. Your part was the chorus and a following verse. The manager got you into the booth and played the first part of the track. Everything seemed to go well and you had already sung the first chorus and your individual verse. The second chorus was coming up and you knew it had to be the same as the first. Suddenly a voice spoke through the headphones you were wearing, "If you smash this chorus squish, then I'll buy you pizza later" You were already encouraged by the manager to try your best but food... It was on! Eventually, you finished your recording and walked out the booth to find a smiling V standing behind the manager. "Looks like I owe you a pizza!" He laughed.
The manager praised you for the session and you and V headed out of the studio. "You didn't have to do that V!" You said softly. "No it's fine- and you can call me Tae if you want, V is just my stage name!" You felt flattered but also hungry. "So, about this pizza..." V laughed, "Fine fine, I'll take you back to the dorm, Jin makes a killer pizza" Dorm? "You mean your dorm?" You asked a little surprised at the forward suggestion. "Yeah just Jungkook, Jin, you and me. The rest of the boys are out. It'll be more peaceful!" 'Great' you thought to yourself, 'only the four of us' "But you said you'd buy me a pizza mister, not force your mate to make you one" "Tell you what," he started pulling you by your waist so that you stood closer to him, "Jin'll make you a pizza now and I'll buy you lunch if you do me a favour!" There wasn't much distance between you two now and you weren't sure what his intentions were to do with this space. "Sure?!" You replied hesitatingly. A wide grin appeared on his face, a smug grin.
When you arrived at their dorm, Tae gave you instructions that you were to keep Jungkook company until the pizza was ready as he had 'very important things to do and didn't want to leave you on your own'. Seemed like a feeble excuse but you went along with it, this wasn't your usual dorm anyway so you were worried about entering the wrong room. You walked into the 'games' room where Jungkook was located and the door shut behind you. The sound made you jump and you attempted to open the door to see who had scared you. The door wouldn't open... "Hey? What do you think you are doing?" "The favour... " Tae whispered. What kind of favour was this?? He's locked you in a room with Jungkook, who was too concentrated on his video game to notice what just happened. You sighed and sat down next to Kookie on the sofa watching him play some kind of shooting video game on the flat screen tv attached to the wall. "H-hey. Ur... Thanks for yesterday by the way!" You stuttered, the situation was a tad bit awkward for you. He was too into his video game to fully notice what you said so he just replied, "sure thing!" 'is he even paying attention?' You wondered. "Kookie, you know Tae locked us in here right?" "Yeah sure thing" This seemed like a good opportunity to tease him, Tae seemed capable of doing it, so why couldn't you? Yet, you had to check first, to determine if he would say the same reply. "How are you?" You asked "Yeah sure" he replied. This was it, your opportunity to mess with him... "Do you think I'm pretty?" "Yeah sure" You laughed which seemed to make him jump back into reality.
JUNGKOOK's POV: 'Since when was Y/N in the room?' He thought. Her laughter was so loud he had finally realised he wasn't alone anymore. "D-do you wanna play?" He offered. "No I ur.. Don't know how!" He replied. He would have easily taught her how, in fact it would have been his pleasure but instead he found an alternative. "We have other games if you want!" She nodded, still with a mysterious smile on her face. "What?" He asked. She averted her gaze, "nothing!" He picked out an old version of Mario Kart and she seemed keen to play. After a couple of intense courses, she spoke firmly to him, "Did you hear what I said earlier.. I mean I mentioned that Tae locked us in here and..." "WHAT?" He panicked. Tae had locked him and Y/N in this room, he was surely going to pay for that later. "Until the pizza's ready" she attempted to reassure him but his heart beat could be heard all throughout his skull. The pizza could take forever, knowing Jin, he doesn't mind taking his time to make the best food. He was trapped! "Did you hear what I said to you earlier?" She repeated. "No why?" Finally, he was able to speak. The fact that she had repeated this question make him think that something important must have happened. "I asked you some questions and you just kept replying 'yeah sure'" Oh no, what the heck had she asked him. The possible questions she could've asked whizzed around his head. 'Do you hate me? Do you like me?' Then a sudden thought popped into his head, 'do you love me?' His eyes widened and his face heated up.
YOUR POV: Jungkook's face was bright red and you worried whether he was feeling ill or not. "Are you alright Kookie?" "Yeah yeah" he quickly uttered, "since when have you called me Kookie?" A sudden question popped into your head and this was the perfect time to ask it, as a counter question. "Since when have you called me squish, only Tae does that?" He couldn't quite understand what you meant by the confusion on his face. "I've never called you squish" "Yes you did" maybe this wasn't the best time to mention it yet, surely Jimin must have mentioned what happened last night to him, "you were talking in your sleep, calling out my nickname" To you, this didn't sound peculiar but it obviously did to Jungkook as his face turned a light shade of red. "I-I-I must have heard Tae saying it too much that day in rehearsal, anyway," he was quick to change to subject,"Since when have you called me Kookie, miss?" "Since last night I guess" It suddenly occurred to you how strange this conversation may have sounded without context, seems like a lot happened last night.
"It's cute" he was blushing more so now. Still curious about what you asked him, he chirped up, "so what did you ask me then, when you came in, that made you laugh?" It was just a joke really, just a game you thought you'd play with him. Did he really need to know? He could see you contemplating and put on a cute puppy dog face in order to persuade you. "OK FINE" you finally gave in to his cute expression, "I asked you if I was pretty and you replied with 'yeah sure' like you did to all the other questions" His reaction seemed calm but you were thinking that his head could be buzzing with thoughts. He seemed quite nervous but he spoke with some apparent confidence, "well, you can ask me what I think now that I'm paying attention!" You seemed quite eager in knowing the answer, "Do you think I'm pretty?" He wasn't a very good actor as you could tell he already knew the answer but was just stalling. "Yes, I think you're very pretty!" He replied taking your hands in his. Your heart was beating out of your chest.
JUNGKOOK's POV: This was it, the moment he could tell her that he liked her. "Yes, I think you're very pretty!" Every single word he had said, he meant. She seemed to turn very shy, he could use this to his advantage. He seemed to talk in a speech like manner as if he had prepared this before... "I thought you were pretty since I saw you in your first audition. I wasn't even meant to be in there but when I saw you I convinced your manager to let me stay. I called you squish last night because I had a nice dream about you, so much so that I thought it was real and expected to wake up next to you." Her face turned quite red but he still continued, "truth is... I like you Y/N and I would like it quite a lot if you would be my girlfriend." He tried to catch his breath after a full confession of his feelings. She seemed to linger on the thought but then a smile took over her face, he became unbearably nervous about her reply. "Yes I would love to be your girlfriend Kookie!" You replied. He felt like screaming, like screaming to the world that Y/N was finally his and that no other guy could possibly take her from him. He wanted to run around, screaming in each of his fellow band members' faces, bragging that he had a beautiful girlfriend. Instead, he hugged you tightly and that moment seemed to last forever. Once out of his arms, he stared straight into your eyes. You shyed away from the loving look but he placed his hand on your cheek gently turning your head to face him. Instead of bragging or screaming, Jungkook chose this alternative as a release of excitement. He leaned down and pushed his lips against yours in a gentle kiss. 'She was a really good kisser!'
YOUR POV: The kiss came as a bit of a surprise but definitely a nice one. He was now your boyfriend, you were kind of expected to do this kind of thing. Once you eventually released your lips from his, you managed to speak, "you're my first real boyfriend, I'm not really used to this thing!" He seemed to have a reassuring look on his face, "it's fine, you're my first proper girlfriend" his voice seemed to become deeper, "let's learn together!" This made you bite your lip anxiously, this resulted in a smug half smile forming on Kookie's face. Suddenly the door opened and an oblivious Taehyung stood in the doorway, "Pizza's ready guys, hope I didn't miss too much!" You and Jungkook both burst out in laughter, everything was going to change...

Extra Scene-

The first person you told about you and Jungkook was Tae as he was the closest person to the pair of you. Yet, instead of informing the rest of the groups, the second person you told was Jimin. You were able to message him; You: hey you'll never guess what? Jimin: oh god, what??? You: me and Kookie are dating now! Jimin: aww good for you!!! You: thanks Jimin: last night when you said you'd talk to him tomorrow rather than saying goodbye I didn't know you meant that kind of talking This sent you into a fit of laughter. "What's wrong?" Kookie asked. "Nothing!" You laughed That's it for this part. Hope you enjoyed! Also thanks to @drummergirl691 I'm trying my best to make this story as interesting as I can.
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