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Ch. 5
Jimin and Suga get to the dorm. Jimin opens the door for Suga, and Suga gives him the “get out of my way look”
“Dude, I’m not an old man, I can open the door ya know.” Suga told Jimin. Jimin just chuckles.
“I know hyung but I’m supposed to take care of ya.” Jimin says with a wink. Suga just sneers at him and walks through the door. After Jimin shuts the dorm door, he quickly puts down Suga’s things in their room and see’s Suga laying on the couch, he wasn’t asleep yet.
“You okay hyung do you need anything?” Jimin asks walking towards Suga and sitting on the edge of the couch. Suga looks at Jimin and groans.
“Can I just have you here with me?” Suga asked. Jimin smiles.
“Of course hyung. Didn’t I say I’m taking care of you today?” Jimin smirks and Suga smiles.
“How can being in the hospital a week, be so tiring.” Suga complains. Jimin just shrugs his shoulders.
“I need to get up and move.” Suga said. Jimin pushes him lightly back down.
“You can relax today, just rest you need to get your strength back.” Jimin said while grabbing Suga’s hand he starts to massage it. Suga was surprised at how relaxing a hand massage could be. Jimin’s hands are small compared to Suga’s but soft. It wasn’t long before Suga fell asleep. Jimin laid Suga’s hand comfortably on his chest, leaned down and kissed Suga on the forehead. When he pulled away he saw a smile on Suga’s face.
Jimin got up and cleaned the dorm, he was home after all no need to have the dorm a mess. Jimin checks his phone and remembered the text he got from Hobi hyung. He opened it.
“We’re going to be late coming back, so we’ll bring pizza for dinner.” Hobi explained.
“Wow, a full day with just Suga and me? If Suga was feeling better, I know what we could do.” Jimin smirks then shakes his head. “Ugh get your mind out of the gutter Park Jimin.” Jimin says to himself while slapping his face.
Jimin was in a back room and when he came back to the living room Suga wasn’t on the couch.
“Oh, I wonder where he wondered off to? Jimin says to himself. Jimin starts looking for Suga. Checking their bedroom, Suga wasn’t there, but Jimin heard the water running. Jimin walks to the bathroom knocks on the door and calls for Suga.
“Hyung, you in there?” Jimin yells, he doesn’t get a response so he places his hand on the door knob and finds that it isn’t locked. Jimin opens the door and see’s Suga’s in the shower. Jimin closes the door quietly behind him and strips his clothes off.
Jimin walks towards the shower and pulls back the shower curtain stepping in the shower behind Suga who was too engrossed in the shower to notice Jimin’s presence.
Suga tenses up when he feels someone’s arms wrap around him.
“It’s me hyung.” Jimin whispers in his ear, Suga turns his head.
“What are you doing Jimin-ah?” Suga asks. Jimin places his head on Suga’s shoulder.
“Holding you. I wanted to hold you hyung.” Jimin says.
“In the shower?” Suga asks turning off the shower and turning around to face Jimin. Jimin looks at Suga.
“Stop, I love you Yoongi.” Jimin confessed. Jimin cleared his throat before continuing. “I thought I was in love with Jungkook, but he doesn’t make me feel the same as you do. I realized that my feelings for you have been there for a while but I pushed them onto Jungkook.” Jimin takes Suga’s face into his hands and kisses him. Suga wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist pulling him close as he kisses Jimin back.
Suga couldn’t hold it in anymore he let himself go, removing all tension and succumbed to Jimin’s will. Jimin moved his hands away from Suga’s face and was running them all along Suga’s body feeling him.
“Jimin-ah I love you too.” Suga moans as Jimin moves down kissing Suga’s neck. Jimin smiles as he moves down Suga’s chest. Jimin kisses down Suga’s chest and stomach while he rubs and pinches Suga’s nipples. Suga is licking and bites his lip when he feels Jimin take his erection into his hands and starts to stroke it. Suga looks down at Jimin while Jimin is looking up at Suga with a smile on his face he kisses the head of Suga’s penis and licks up and down before he wraps his hot mouth around it. Suga moans more making Jimin move faster and suck harder. Suga starts to thrust his hips and grab Jimin’s head moving him in sync with his thrusts.
Jimin doesn’t want him to get too excited so he pulls away and comes back up to Suga’s mouth kissing him passionately so passionately he bits Suga’s lower lip. Suga pulls him closer Suga was feeling on fire and wanted Jimin to take care of it. Jimin was feeling the same their desire for each other rose higher being close.
Jimin grabs Suga’s hand and heads to their room, once in their room Jimin pushes Suga on the bed and climbs on top of him he takes both of their hard erections and strokes them together. With Jimin’s free hand he places his fingers in Suga’s mouth making Suga suck and lick them. Jimin takes his fingers out of Suga’s mouth and places them at his entrance sliding them up and down then he spreads Suga’s legs getting between them he kisses on them softly before making his way to Suga’s hole. Jimin licks and lubricates Suga’s entrance before he slides a finger inside of Suga. Suga feels Jimin’s finger slide into him making me feel uncomfortable at first.
“Relax baby, I’m going to put another one in as soon as you’re ready.” Jimin explains to Suga who just nods his head in response. Suga takes a deep breath.
“Okay, you can put another one.” Suga tells him, Jimin pushes another finger inside of Suga, this time it doesn’t feel uncomfortable just weird. Jimin beings to move his fingers inside of Suga making him moan. Jimin feels Suga is ready to receive his cock when he is loosened up and almost begging for Jimin to put it in.
Jimin gets close to Suga pulling his legs, Jimin takes the head of his cock and rubs it against Suga’s hole before he slowly pushes into Suga. Jimin can feel Suga’s body tense up and Suga looks uncomfortable, so Jimin leans down and kisses Suga passionately while he moves in and out slowly. Eventually Suga gets used to Jimin’s size and starts enjoying the experience. Suga wraps his legs around Jimin pushing deeper into him, it makes Jimin pump him faster and harder.
Jimin leans up and grabs Suga’s cock stroking it while he’s pumping in and out of Suga’s tight ass. Suga cums not long after Jimin starts stroking him and seeing Suga cum makes Jimin release as well. Jimin falls on top of Suga and Jimin wraps his arms around Suga kissing his forehead.
“Did you know you were my first?” Suga asks Jimin. Jimin lifts his head up.
“Really, I’m your first?” Jimin asks.
“Thank you Yoongi I love you.” Jimin says with a kiss to Suga’s forehead. Suga smiles.
“I like those words, when you say I love you Yoongi.” Suga says. Jimin chuckles and looks back up at Suga.
“I have a reason for that. It’s because I always call you Suga, and I wanted you to feel special when I said your name than you know it’s genuine.” Explains Jimin.
“When are the boys coming home.” Suga asks. Jimin rolls off Suga and grabs his phone. He see’s he has another text from J-hope.
“Hey man, we actually got done early but we’re still bringing pizza home. See ya in a few.” Jimin’s eyes grow wide.
“Oh in about 10 minutes.” Jimin says. Suga’s eyes grow wide.
“Shit!” Suga sits up.