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Me at Least

Tagging: @Aliendestina Okay where to start I love to draw, been drawing clothes and things since I could hold a marker. Singing is such a big passion for me anything from one ok rock to opera. I love to play the flute, bassoon, piano, and am learning cello. Dancing is another big thing for me it started with ballroom dancing in elementary school and led to many different types now. I love sports as well as trap shooting, archery, swimming, and snowboarding. Love animals have two huge dogs and well I have some animals that like to be around me like a buffalo, horses, and a deer I just call mr. I am often the one who makes people laugh at something or at me. I love children and am very good at taking care of them. I can be very loud and can go from really really goofy fun to murder resting B***h face but in all honesty that's just my normal face if I'm not doing anything. I am a very approachable person but sometimes I can forget my resting face and it makes me very intimidating to both male and female people. I love helping and caring for other and my heart swells when they do great things. I have been told I have a really big heart so I give pieces of it to who ever can handle me and my energy levels (honestly they are all over they place). I can go from 0-160 really quick with anything from running around to drawing clothes and writing and it's always easy for me to go from 160-0 real quick if it is something I love to do or am willing to try.
I forgot I am 5"7 eh.