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Goodness, such a news to wake up to. I like both of them but what they did, if the footage and article are correct, is completely wrong and disappointing. Anyway, from allkpop: ------ Sangchu, Se7en, and other celebrity soldiers have been recorded going to massage parlors while still on duty. Before the controversial episode of SBS' 'On-Site 21' aired, a reporter of the show tweeted angrily, "The reality of the celebrity recruits. They're saying that they're worried that reporters would write articles after getting angry that they were hit while investigating.. Sigh. I wonder if he knew that this was an exclusive and that he was being used... If he didn't, he's an idiot, and if he did, he's evil. Wow. I want to just reveal his real name and what he said." He added, "We happened to find celebrity recruits going to massage parlors. That's why there were physical impacts, as well. For details, watch SBS' at 9PM. It's not my article, so I can't say the real name... How regretful. Sigh." During the actual broadcast, the reporters followed the four celebrity recruits (Rain, KCM, Se7en, Sangchu) after they performed at an event and went to their motel. At around 10 PM, the recruits came out, and they were filmed eating barbecued chicken as well as beer and soju. They then left again at 11:30 PM and came back to the motel in plain civilian clothing with cell phones at 2AM, and two of them were spotted (Se7en and Sangchu) going to a massage parlor. The pair came out half an hour later, and when the reporters approached them for an interview, they snatched the mic away and twisted their arms. Undeterred, the reporter asked, "You were just at a massage parlor. It's currently 4AM, and you came to perform as a soldier. You were just at a massage parlor. Can you comment on this?". The two tried to snatch and destroy the camera, but when that failed, they said, "We did not commit a crime. We didn't do anything illegal." The reporter asked, "Do you usually drink and go to massage parlors while you perform?", and they said, "We didn't drink alcohol at all. We should talk later", even though they were filmed drinking beer and soju. The pair then left back to the motel in a taxi. The reporter entered the massage parlor and noted that the parlor did not let anyone under 19 inside. The reporter asked the manager and the manager revealed, "They asked things like, 'When can we get serviced?', and I told them 'Not right now'. I refunded them 170,000 KRW (approximately $147 USD)." The manager added, "No one comes to get just a massage. They come for what you're thinking." The show then talked to the National Defense Media Agency, pointing out that they were handling the celebrity recruits badly, and they responded, "They have an event the day after, as well, so the PD was supposed to take care of their dorms", but when pointed out that the PD didn't manage them either, said, "Sorry." On the massage parlor visit, they said, "He has a bad back and a bad knee, so he went to get it treated." But when asked, "How about the other one who went without needing treatment?", they had no answer. Se7en and Sangchu are reportedly under investigation for visiting massage parlors while they were still on duty. The Ministry of National Defense stated, "We are currently investigating current celebrity recruits Se7en and Sangchu entering an adult entertainment establishment after their performance. If these allegations turn out to be true, they will be handled accordingly within the law."
this is such shocking news as i thought se7en oppa was a nice person. so disappointed.
Hahaha seriously though the reason was so lame - as if anyone would believe it ><. I feel really sad though cos I do like se7en quite a lot :(
but he had a aching back - bwahahaha
yeah but RAIN was drinking, they aren't supposed to do that.
@larkspurs Rain didn't go to the massage parlor so I think he has learnt his lesson. Se7en on the other hand *sighs*...PHB is his gf for 10 years and this is how he repays her? @dreamgirl :(
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