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we'll call it {KM} for kaze Monday so the 5th kaze kage is gaara (my main man) who comes from the sand village! (totally should have done Temari, well there's always next monday)
former jinjuriki he uses many sand jutsu such as: Sand coffin sand barrier sand tsunami and he is the ultimate defense having a sand encased shell around his body so much more........
with such a sad back story.......T_T ..... (this character analysis sucks)
so Gaara is awesome his calm composer makes him......him and although this card is probably missing important details mind you the card will get better. this is the start one so of course it'll have some.....errors feel free to make your own with people from the sand village @tayhar18920, @AimeBolanos @Hinatahyuga, @inVinsybil @qveenknip, @LuffyNewman @koifries @Fromtheheart
I always loved Gaara. he has one of my favorite abilities in all of anime and the tragedy of his childhood just made me empathize immediately. seeing him become kazekage so young was awesome, though that first arc in shippuden almost killed me >.<
When I saw Gaara and his father seeing each other on that one episode, I almost cried.