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Lisanna Strauss😸

Spoilers Ahead!!

Lisanna is an amazing Fairy Tail Wizard! She is beautiful, caring, compassionate and care for her family both blood and not! Lisanna joined the guild when she was young along with her brother and sister Elfman and Mira. Lisanna felt bad that Mira had a new magic she didn't want (now she has learned to accept it) so Her and Elfman learned the same type of magic as Mira's so she wouldn't feel alone and different anymore. Lisanna would always hang out with Natsu and even helped hatch Happy! One day Lisanna goes on a job with her brother and sister and she sadly didn't come back from the job. Elfman's magic got out of control and took control over him. Lisanna believed she could help Elfman go back to normal so she tried to talk to him but was horribly tossed away in the process. Lisanna had died during the job and 2 years had passed since her death (the time during the first season.) Or did she! Turns out during the 2 years Lisanna was believed to be dead she was actually taken to another world called Edolas (don't wanna spoil too much so I wont explain what Edolas is) After team Natsu came back from Edolas Lisanna also returned back explaining that she hadn't died and was living in Edolas the whole time. Lisanna then goes to Elfman and Mira while they are visiting her grave. Mira and Elfman surprised and full of emotion were just really happy to see Lisanna again. Lisanna finally back gets to live out the adventures with the Fairy Tail guild again and truly become the amazing wizard she is and can be.
Lisanna uses Animal Take-Over Magic. Using different animal souls to enhance her attacks. Whether it's need for speed, something to help pack a punch, needs to take a fly in the sky, or swimming under water Lisanna has it all! She uses certain animal souls such as, Animal Soul: Wings, Animal Soul: Harpy, Animal Soul: Cat, Animal Soul: Mermaid, Animal Soul: Fish, Animal Soul: Rabbit, Animal Soul: Penguin. Lisanna has an amazing will power and she adores animals so it's always suspected for Lisanna to come through with an Animal Soul! Lisanna is an amazin Fairy Tail wizard and cant wait to see her grow more as a character.