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Do you want to go to Times Square in New York City without having to actually pay to travel? Or are the crowds that are constantly on this strip of land the issue you have with taking the train down there? Either way, you can now visit Times Square in all it's lighted glory in Minecraft.
Sure, so what if it's a pixelated version of Times Square but it's still Times Square, right? There's something beautiful about having the freedom to walk through the city streets without worrying about someone bumping into you or you bumping into someone else.
It's kind of awesome that someone took the time to recreate this portion of the city for all the Minecrafters to enjoy. Whether you want to build yourself an apartment at the top of one of those builds or just walk through and try and enter every building, it makes Times Square your metaphorical oyster where you can do whatever you want.
It's amazing that people take the time to recreate real places in Minecraft and I think it's awesome that they don't just make the areas, they share them online for other people to enjoy as well. That's right, I wasn't just going to share two screenshots and make you wish you could build something as vast as this, if you're feeling particularly exploratory or if you want to just walk around for 15 minutes, you can download the map here.
What do you guys think of the recreation? It's pretty awesome, eh?
i have never been time square, now can go. beauty of technolgie
Wow. I just wonder where people find the time to do amazing stuff like this. I'm lucky to get a couple of hours of regular video gaming in.