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Jae-won stared at his boss's daughter. She was a beauty; with her long torso but short legs. Her thick, soft black hair when she wore it down came to just above her rounded bottom. Her face was in the shape of a heart and her eyebrows nicely shaped. Her eyes were a bit different than most Koreans since her father was half Korean half American. They sparkled a beautiful blue like that of sapphires. Her skin was soft looking and he itched to be able to touch it. "Eh, hem." Someone cleared their throat beside him. With a start he turned and met eyes with eyes that shone almost the same as Min-ah's. "Dude, I know my sister is pretty but you are gawking. Please don't gawk at my sister in public. What would your guests think if they saw their chef gawking at the head waitress. Even if she is the boss's daughter it is a bit unseemly dude. Don't make me beat you up." Min-yuk said blatantly to the younger man dressed in entire white as he stood with his head resting on the tip of the broom he was holding... Jae-won bristled at his hyung's words "Sorry hyung... I will wait and admire your sister when you are gone doing your Kpop stuff then." Jae-won emphasized admire as a way to show he didn't agree with the gawking comment. Min-yuk laughed and slapped Jae-won on the back in a friendly manner. He and Jae-won and grown up best friends. He had known for years that Jae-won was in love with his oblivious and adorable little sister. "When are you going to confess to her? I thought after culinary school you were going to but that was like 5 yrs ago, I never heard it happen." Min-yuk asked as he busied himself sweeping the kitchen floor. Jae-won sighed and looked at the floor. He had gone to confess but... Min-yuk looked at the younger male expectantly waiting for his reply. Jae-won put his hand up in a wait a minute motion and he left the kitchen and approached his boss working at the register. Observing the interaction Min-yuk watched his father nod his head and wave his best friend off with a smile. Jae-won came back through the swinging kitchen doors and motioned for his best friend to follow him as he headed towards the door to the outside closed in employee porch. They stepped out Jae-won waiting for Min-yuk to sit at the table before he leaned against the wood beam of the netted gazebo. Clearing his throat he began, "So the day I came over to confess to her I happened to find her out side in that little garden she helps your landlord with. She was crying and it didn't seem like the right time to tell her. I just wanted her to smile again." Min-yuk frowned at that and went to say something but Jae-won cut him off. "Before you ask, that jerkwad who she had been dating in the midst of you leaving apparently had been two timing her. She caught them on a date near the Incheon Airport that day she saw you off to the Americas." Min-yuk squinched his eyes up trying to recall the guy Min-ah had been with when he had left to get vocal training in America. "That Jung Monkey guy? The one with the wanna be gangster apparel?" Jae-won just about died of laughter. "Jung Myun-kei. And ya that one. Upon some of the boys' research he only dressed and acted that way around Min-ah in attempt to get her to break up with him. His father is Jung Yoonho of VN Enterprise. You know SY'S unsuccessful rivals? He dressed with impeccable manner with that hoe he cheated on her with. Took her to Five Stars and she was wearing a promise ring. So the boys sent him our congratulations." Five Stars had been Sapphire Skies' biggest rival 6 years ago. Contrary to its name it was diminished to a 3 star rating when Choi Min-ki had hired him upon his return from graduating top of his culinary class with honors. Five Stars and many other high class restaurants had seeked for his employment. For him there was only one restaurant he deemed worthy of his skills. Even if he never was anymore than a friend to this family he would never abandon them. He and his older sister had been orphaned when he was 14 and the Choi's had taken them in. The men had shared that small room and the 2 girls had shared Min-ah's room until he had turned 18 in which he received his inheritance that he used to go to culinary school. The remaining bought him a nice condo room and his sister's inheritance got her through designer school and now she interned at a nice private company that worked exclusively with the Entertainment companies. Her internship got her a nice small 1 bedroom condo. His sister and Min-ah were the best of friends. She also knew about his love for her best friend. The only one who didn't know was Min-ah. Min-yuk took in a sharp breath. He was visibly seething with anger. If it wasn't for the fact that Jae-won had already remedied the situation and he didn't have the impending debut looming ahead he would track that son of a bitch down and teach him what happens to those who wrong his baby sister. His face turned red and he balled his fists up so tightly that they were turning white. Jae-won steeled himself for the usual anger that came from Min-yuk when it came to someone hurting Min-ah. But Min-yuk let out a deep ragged breath and released his fists so they returned to their natural color. Min-yuk looked at his best friend his usual sapphire eyes and eerie silver that they turned when his emotions were running a muck. "I am assuming you didn't tell me these last 5 years because you had already taken care of it?" Jae-won nodded and reached out his hand to his best friend. Min-yuk grabbed it and pulled Jae-won to him in a bear hug. "Thanks for looking out for her" He whispered into Jae-won's ear. "It's nothing, I know you would do the same for Tae-lin. Besides if I can not do a simple thing like that for the woman I love then what kind of man would I be? Not one that deserved your sister. Come on our time is up, or uncle Min-ki will have my head and I would very much like to keep this gorgeous head thanks." Jae-won said cheerfully as he clasped Min-yuk's body to him and pulled him with him, leading him back into Sapphire Skies' now bustling kitchen.
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