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Min-ah was cleaning a table idly since business was slow since it it was 2pm. She chuckled as her phone started to play 2PM's "Again and Again" a hilarious coincidence in her opinion. As she looked over at her dad sitting at the register she saw Jae-won approach him, pausing her music briefly she heard him ask, "Uncle can Min-yuk and I go to the gazebo for awhile? At least until around 4ish?" Her father adored Jae-won and just waved him away with a smile and said, "You boys go do your thing but be back at 3:45 sharp or I will send someone after you two. This seemed a bit weird to Min-ah because the two boys never asked for a random break. She went into the office where she could hear but not be seen what was said on the gaezbo. She heard Jae-won clear his throat and then say, "So the day I came over to confess to her I happened to find her out side in that little garden she helps your landlord with. She was crying and it didn't seem like the right time to tell her. I just wanted her to smile again." Min-ah gasped silently, she remembered that day. Confess what? Had he done something wrong? Her brother must have been getting ready to say something because Jae-won then said, "Before you ask, that jerkwad who she had been dating in the midst of you leaving apparently had been two timing her. She caught them on a date near the Incheon Airport that day she saw you off to the Americas." Min-ah didn't hear her brother until he said, "That Jung Monkey guy? The one with the wanna be gangster apparel?" She laughed at her brother's best attempt to remember the asswipe she had dated when he was leaving for the Americas. She could just imagine his face being scrunched up in deep thought. Jae-won laughed extremely hard and she didn't blame her brother or Jae-won, Myun-kei HAD resembled a monkey in a way. "Jung Myun-kei. And ya that one. Upon some of the boys' research he only dressed and acted that way around Min-ah in attempt to get her to break up with him. His father is Jung Yoonho of VN Enterprise. You know SY'S unsuccessful rivals? He dressed with impeccable manner with that hoe he cheated on her with. Took her to Five Stars and she was wearing a promise ring. So the boys sent him our congratulations." Min-ah tilted her head trying to get more comfortable. When she had seen Myun-kei dressed all nice and with that GIRL on his arm with his mother's engagement ring she had been devastated. She had immediately called him from a place he couldn't see and told him they were over, she had found someone else. He had sounded relieved. She had then gone home and tore up all the weeds in the garden. It helped her cope but she had been a blubbering mess when Jae-won had returned from culinary school. He had gotten her laughing and feeling a million times better and not even caring about Myun-kei. She frowned. Her brother had gotten really quiet. So had Jae-won. She was about to move to leave the office when she heard a sharp breath from her brother. She had never seen nor heard her brother get angry but this sure sounded like anger. Silence followed once again until her brother asked quietly, "I am assuming you didn't tell me these last 5 years because you had already taken care of it?" She didn't hear Jae-won's reply meaning he had probably nodded his head and she heard them hug. Right as she was about to get up again to leave she heard her brother speak again this time in a low whisper, "Thanks for looking out for her" She smiled, she knew her brother loved her. "It's nothing, I know you would do the same for Tae-lin." Jae-won replied cheerfully. Again Min-ah smiled she knew that her best friend's brother and her brother's best friend cared about her. She believed he cared about her like he did his own sister. The next words out of Jae-won's mouth shell-shocked her though. It was words she had never dreamed or imagine to come out of Jae-won's mouth, "Besides if I can not do a simple thing like that for the woman I love then what kind of man would I be? Not one that deserved your sister. Come on our time is up, or uncle Min-ki will have my head and I would very much like to keep this gorgeous head thanks." He said cheerfully. She heard them enter the restaurant but she sank to the floor in shock. His words began to sink into her brain and past memories flooded her head. All the times he had been there, seemingly to her in a brotherly way she saw it all different now. Every touch, every concern, every look, everything. Her hand fluttered to her chest, how did she feel about this? About him? Realistically and rationally he was a good match for her. He would give her a stable life, and could be the rock she needed to support her. She thought about this revelation with logic and was so deep into her thoughts she didn't hear the office door open or the click clack of high heels. A beautifully manicured hand waved in front of her face. She snapped out of her train of thought to lock eyes with beautiful chocolate orbs on a face that was sharp and had an air of royalty about it. Min-ah smiled as she sprang into the woman's hug. "About time, you had me worried there Min-ah. What was you so deep in thought about you hadn't noticed your favorite Unnie enter the room?" Min-ah laughed but then her face sobered. "Unnie, Jae-won Oppa said loves me." She said quietly. Tae-lin's face brightened at that, "He FINALLY confessed? About damn time, thought it would never happen." She said happily. Min-ah's head snapped up to meet her Unnie's eyes again. "You knew? For how long?" Tae-lin threw her head back and laughed. "Oh my, I would say it was about the time he caught Jeong-su with his hands up my shirt when I was hmm let's see... 15 or 16? Your brother has known since before then. So tell me how did he tell you. I want details." Min-ah grimaced. "Well. You see he didn't exactly tell me..." Min-ah admitted and then pointed to her eavesdrop perch. Tae-lin immediately picked up on it. "Ah the perch. You overheard him talking to Min-yuk didn't you?" Min-ah nodded. Tae-lin sighed, "Okay, so how about we go shopping for a new outfit for you and you can tell me what was going through your head when I walked in. Sound good?" Min-ah smiled and grabbed her purse. "Unnie!" Making Tae-lin laugh as they left.
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