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Many, many moons ago I spent Saturday afternoons at my neighbors house playing his Sega Dreamcast. And at the time, a Sega Dreamcast was the coolest thing I've ever seen/played in my life. We usually played Dynamite Cop or tried to get through Shenmue during the week after school but Saturday afternoons were reserved for Power Stone.
There's something about running around in a 3D space with your friends while trying to beat them up and trying not to get beat up yourself. And it looks like LASTFIGHT is following that trend set by Power Stone (why haven't there been more games like it?) in the way it plays.
It might not be an official successor to the Power Stone series but if you've played the game or even just saw it on YouTube, you can already see the similarities. You can pick up items and weapons to help you out during the fight and the four-player battles that come up look just as hectic as the ones that I've had on those Saturdays with Power Stone.
I'm not sure when LASTFIGHT will be released (or what systems it'll be available for) but I will keep my eye out for actual release dates and such as time goes on. If you want to know more about the game, you can check out their official website here.
I think I like the idea of fighting games. They're fun, but I only end up playing them a couple of times, or they just sit on the shelf, getting dusty, until I finally have friends over, (which doesn't happen very often). I had Injustice for a few months, and only played it for the first 3 days I had it. So I just stopped buying these types of games. The game I'm playing now kind of has this type of fighting, though. Tales of Xillia has RPG style battles, but it's not turn-based. You get a big circle to run around inside of and fight the bad guys. You just don't get to use chairs and machine guns to help you. Lol.