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Everyday for the past five years, facebook became more apparent in my normal routine. 9am- wake up, brush teeth, lay back in bed, check facebook 10am- get out of bed, clothes on, check facebook, apply make up on 11am- wait at the bus stop, check facebook (Five hours of social media later) 4pm- dinner, watch a film and check facebook Once you recieve that gratification from your virtual persona, you are finding less gratification with your true self. As time goes by, this is more normal than originally ever imagined As of a month ago, i decided to completely banish facebook, snapchat and instagram from my life. Although i experience times of doubt that i came to this decision, yet i feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. There is so much pressure in todays society, to comply with social media in order to feel normal.. which isnt the case atall. Most individuals of today would be more interested in conversing on a virtual level, than to sit with another and indulge in a conversation of interest and curiosity. Although i am slightly hyprocritcial, as i still use social media sites such as: keek and twitter. Yet i dont rely on these, and dont work my day around these habits. Dont get me wrong, i find the internet incredible. Seeing as you can view and portray talents (youtube), contact family and friends from around the world (skype) and indulge in information which may benefit or satisfy you (wikipedia) The early days of social media portrayed a promising future for technology, yet as years have slowly drifted away. The present day displays zombified humans, engrossed in pointless matters. This post isnt shaming on people, who enjoy using facebook. This is just a reminder that the internet and virtual life isnt anything important and we shouldnt take it seriously. We shouldnt be displaying our relationships, arguements, daily actions as if it was real life. Facebook isnt real life, it is social media. There is a big difference. We need to seperate the two, before they evolve into one.
Woah this is crazy! Social media is definitely a serious problem. It puts a lot of pressure on people to keep up and make things seem great all the time. There's a lot of strength in opting out!
it can be a serious problem when used for the wrong reasons. Many thanks for taking the time to read it, i love your blogs. they are god damn awesome!