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Joonie sweety, we have a problem. It seems @Helixx over here has forgotten all about you. Shall we show her why you are so amzing and should stay as her number three. I think it is a great idea
That amazing smile. Those collar bones. She sure is missing these things. What else do you have to win her back!?
Oohhh you got tounge huh!? I still think you're pure
Look at that stare. He is sure you don't wanna leave him. How could you break his heart! Contemplating what to do he is.
He may be a clumsy fool, but he feels bad because you give him no attention! How could you no longer love that smile!! Ashamed you should be Unnie!
Shall we see who is wrecking your life. *shaking head*
That intense stare into your soul. That wouldn't make Joonie run away. He cant control himself! Mmmhm that tounge he's got. Not as pure as Joonie... oh no.. whats happening
Oh dear who else is knocking!?
Ravi doesn't seem happy that his doesang is higher than him on the scale.... Dance battle it out!
He was ok with Joonie being before him..
But the king still stands. You are doing something right. Looks like he is gonna knock those wreckers down.
If they try passing the king himself, man he looks ready to light some ass on fire... Not a bad idea. But @Helixx has strayed from you too! Give her some love to keep in mind why you are still number one and shall stay that way.
Yup enough reasons. I told you, you were going to pay for what has happened.... SO NOT SORRY!!!! (not sorry that this was really long either.)
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I don't know what is worse... my top biases all ganging up on me or not being able to see half the images! TORTURE!!!! I"M SO SORRY JOONIE!!! I STILL LOVE YOU AND GAH, YOU'RE SMILE KILLS. BUT.... you know how Jimin is... KEEP HIM IN HIS DAMN LANE!!!!