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Dudes, I've been seriously hooked on the One Piece manga. I had watched the anime up until the middle of the Skypiea arc, but I really couldn't find the time to squeeze in episodes with my schedule. So I switched over to reading the manga because that's something I can do on my phone on my commute or in bathrooms, etc.
And I'm soooo hooked.
As of writing this, I'm currently on chapter 630, in the Fishman Island arc.
It's been really awesome since I jumped in at the Skypiea arc and have read everything up until 630. Seeing the art evolve and grow has been really awesome, because as opposed to having waited for chapter releases, I get to see the transition of the art all at once, basically.
Not to mention, the lovely ladies of the crew and associated. I am completely aware of how anatomically incorrect these women are, but I can't help but enjoy at least some of it.
Plus, the first time I saw Luffy go Gear 2nd... I basically crapped my pants. I was literally sitting in my house like "AHHHH SHIT, MOTHERFUCKER JUST WENT SUPER SAIYAN".

I love One Piece now.

One Piece is and always will be my favorite Manga/Anime. I love 100% of the characters, story and vibe. β™₯
Wait untill you get to the zou arc after dressrosa it's awesome
Everyone crapped themselves the first time Luffy used Gear 2nd !!! 😁😊
"Strawhats VS 20,000" 😍❀️
Wait until you get further past fish man island arc.
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